“Chief, shave your hair”… Men at large companies don’t wear them for fear of being photographed

“Chief, brush your leg hair.”

Recently, a post like this was posted on an anonymous community of a large company, causing controversy. As the steamy heat continues, companies adopting a voluntary dress system are increasingly wearing the ‘cool biz look’ such as shorts,먹튀검증 short sleeves, and neck tie, and minor conflicts are continuing in various places. Most of the responses say that it is burdensome to have a part of the body stand out due to body hair or excessive exposure.

According to the business community on the 4th, major domestic conglomerates such as Samsung Electronics , SK, Hyundai Motor , and LG Group are implementing a voluntary dress code. In 2008, Samsung Electronics implemented a voluntary dress system for ordinary employees from the no-jacket and no-tie stage, and in 2016, it expanded the permissible range to shirts and shorts without a collar. Last year, ‘Casual Day’ was launched every Friday for executives and department heads who have maintained suits and business casual as their basic attire. Instead of jackets, T-shirts with collars, jeans, cotton pants, and shoes such as loafers and sneakers were worn casually.

SK Group started a voluntary clothing system for each affiliate in 2000, and affiliates such as SK Innovation allowed shorts one after another from 2016. Hyundai Motor Group introduced a voluntary dress system in 2019. Starting with no tie in the early 2000s, the LG Group implemented a voluntary dress system from the end of 2018, and now shorts are also allowed. Hanwha Group and HD Hyundai Group are also implementing a voluntary dress code.

However, among the recent employees, there is a strong atmosphere that ‘it is still burdensome to go to work in shorts’. Mr. Kim (30), who works for a large company, said, “I went to work wearing shorts and heard a word from my boss. There is still a conservative atmosphere, so when bosses see it, it doesn’t seem like the outfit suits the company,” he said. Na Mo, an office worker at another conglomerate company, said, “No one will say that I wear shorts at work,” but “However, very few employees wear shorts or sleeveless, so I don’t feel embarrassed to stand out alone.” Experts advise that

although companies are expanding the introduction of the voluntary dress system in order to improve the organizational culture, it is important to keep the time, place, and situation (TPO) well, as excessively revealing clothing may cause discomfort to colleagues around you . Lee Chae-ho, a professor of business administration at Dongguk University, said, “In large companies, the culture of voluntary clothing such as shorts has not yet fully established, so it seems that there is noise among members.” We need to take it as an opportunity and make efforts to establish it as a new culture,” he said.

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