“I don’t want to move in” 12 applications for contract termination in 15 complexes of LH `rebar missing`

Residents and prospective residents of 15먹튀검증 apartment complexes of Korea Land and Housing Corporation ( LH ) , where the government confirmed ‘missing rebar’ in the underground parking lot, applied for termination of some contracts. Confirmation of ‘missing reinforcing bar’ in LH It is known that all 154 pillars of the apartment are missing reinforcing bars, and a policy of full waiver of contract cancellation penalty is established for prospective tenants of A15 Happy House in Hoecheon, Yangju, Gyeonggi-do. According to LH

and others on the 6th , from the 30th of last month, when it was announced that there were missing rebars in 15 apartment complexes in LH, 12 contract cancellations were applied for in 15 complexes for four days until the 2nd of this month . All applications for cancellation were received for rental housing, and there were 8 and 4 applications from prospective residents and current residents, respectively. An LH official said, “I asked some contacted contract cancellation applicants for the reason for cancellation, and they replied that it was a personal reason such as moving.” The Yangju Business Headquarters of LH Northern Gyeonggi Regional Headquarters has virtually finalized and is reviewing a plan to exempt a penalty of about 400,000 won in case a prospective tenant of Yangju Hoecheon A15 block apartment wishes to cancel. If the contract of the prospective tenant of the Happy House is terminated, a penalty of approximately 6% of the down payment must be paid. LH

An official said, “There is a penalty to cancel the winning happy house, but in the case of the apartment, this amount will be supported for those who do not wish to move in.” explained.

The government and the ruling party decided to pay ‘damage that the tenants can be satisfied with’ in the case of complexes where occupancy has been completed, and to grant prospective occupants of complexes under construction the right to cancel the contract without limiting re-winners. It means that the re-winner limit (10 years) rule will not be applied so that other houses can be sold, but the measures are mainly aimed at protecting the property rights of the houses for sale.

Out of the 15 complexes with rebar missing, 10 are rental complexes and 5 are sales complexes. Since there are so many rentals, it is pointed out that compensation for rental complexes is insufficient.

In terms of the number of households, out of 11,264 households in 15 complexes, 9016 households are leased, accounting for 80%.

The government is in the position that it will review if the rental tenants or prospective tenants want to move to another rental house, but it will not be easy if there is no rental apartment with similar conditions nearby.

Regarding this, an official from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said, “We are currently establishing a compensation plan for residents and prospective residents, including rental with LH,” and said, “There will be no discrimination between sales and rentals. “

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