Lee Da-young, who volunteered to apologize for the interview, fanned the road to ‘controversy over school violence’ and ‘discord rumors’

Volleyball player Lee Da-young (27, photo), who was heavily criticized for the controversy over ‘school violence’ in the past, once again apologized for this. However, she still threw a new ember into the cold public opinion and foreshadowed another controversy.

Lee Da-young, who signed a contract with French women’s volleyball Bolero Le Canet in the offseason, met with reporters before leaving for Paris, France on the 5th. In fact, she was a form in which Lee Da-young volunteered to hold a press conference. Lee Da-young said, “I would like to apologize and ask for forgiveness from her friends at the time, if given the opportunity again anyway.”

Lee Da-young, who was a popular female volleyball star, and her twin sister Lee Jae-young, who were playing for Heungkuk Life Insurance during the 2020-2021 season, had a controversy over school violence, and were virtually expelled from the V-League due to strong public opinion. Lee Da-young has since moved to the French team after passing through Greece and Romania메이저놀이터.

Although she took the form of an apology, several expressions are expected to reignite the controversy. Lee Da-young said, “The school violence problem is my problem that occurred when I was in the second year of middle school.” The two once admitted to the abuse in a broadcast interview. However, on this day, Lee Da-young made a new claim that her older sister, Lee Jae-young, had nothing to do with her school violence problem. Lee Jae-young, who played as the ace of the national team, currently has no team.

Recently, as there have been cases in which players who have been identified as perpetrators of abuse in professional sports have returned to the field after receiving disciplinary action after a public apology and an agreement on victims, the twin sisters’ fan club and some in the volleyball world are also suggesting that they be given a chance.

However, at the apology for Lee Jae-young’s absence, there are many eyes looking at Lee Da-young’s voluntary request for a press conference, which insisted that “Lee Jae-young is irrelevant.” Her twin sister confronted the five victims of abuse in a legal lawsuit, and an agreement has not yet been reached. Lee Da-young said, “After the incident, I met the victims in person and apologized sincerely and tried to ask for forgiveness, but those friends are still avoiding meetings and can’t contact me.” There is no choice but to be seen as a remark and attitude that seem far from a ‘sincere apology’.

Lee Da-young also opened up about rumors of discord within the team that arose prior to the school violence controversy. Regarding the senior volleyball team that everyone knows, “The controversy caused by the problem with that player was the same,” he said. “I want to ask the player why he did that. I never hit the ball I raised,” he confessed.

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