The future of Korea’s Sepakpatakraw, Youth national team inauguration ceremony held

The Korea Sepak Takraw Association (Chairman Oh Joo-young) announced that on the 6th, they held a launching ceremony for the under-21 and under-19 youth national teams at the National Sports Center in Hoengseong, Gangwon-do.

On this day, the launching ceremony was a pre-event for the youth national team to participate in field training and the Pattaya Cup competition in Thailand. Korea Sepak Takraw Association President Oh Joo-young, Managing Director Lee Min, Jeong An (Gyeongnam Sports Association coach) national team general manager and under-21 general manager All youth national team leaders and players attended, including Lee Young-ik (coach of Daegu Haany University) and under-19 general manager Han Il-hyeon (coach of Changmun Girls’ High School)스포츠토토.

The Korea Sepak Takraw Association has started training abroad for the development of the youth national team and the development of players from 2021. Is expected.

At this ceremony, training equipment worth about 1 million won, including uniforms from Hummel, the official sponsor of the Korea Sepak Takraw Association, was provided to each leader and player.

Oh Joo-young, president of the Korea Sepak Takraw Association, said, “Congratulations to all the players who have been selected as the youth national team. Last year and this year, adult national team players are showing amazing skills in world competitions, and I think this is the path that you must continue in the future. The association will spare no support so that he can work with pride in being selected as a youth national team member.”

“I hope that this will serve as an opportunity for the youth national team players to learn a lot through various experiences in the country of origin of Sepak Takraw along with overseas field training,” said Chung Jang-an, general manager of the national team. Also, I hope you return home safely without any injuries.”

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