The eldest son protests against the revelation of Kim Eun-kyung’s sister-in-law… “Stop attacking families with false incitement”

In addition, other noises are coming out one after another as the Democratic Party’s innovation chairman Kim Eun-kyung said, “I took care of my parents-in-law for 18 years after the death of my husband,” as a lie.

On the 6th, the eldest son of Innovation Committee Chairman Kim Eun-kyung posted on the Internet community bulletin board, “I am the nephew of Kim Eun-kyung’s sister-in-law, who is currently floating on the Internet, and Kim Eun-kyung’s eldest son.” said like this

Regarding Chairman Kim’s sister-in-law’s revelations, he said, “Please stop attacking the family with ridiculous and false incitement.” He claimed, “My mother lost her husband in a tragic incident, took care of her grandfather and grandmother, and raised two children, a very busy and difficult life.”

In addition, Chairman Kim’s son said, “The youngest aunt who posted on the Internet is a person who did not participate in the funerals of her grandfather and grandmother.” Seeing that I was burdened with everything, I was again disappointed in my aunt in my heart.”

He continued, “And my aunts didn’t take responsibility for supporting them, and after my grandfather and grandmother passed away, they would have inherited it, but my family (mother, me, younger brother) all gave up inheritance.”

The day before, Mr. Kim, who announced that she스포츠토토 was Chairman Kim’s sister-in-law, claimed on her blog, “A person who did not attend her husband’s memorial service, let alone a holiday, deceived our family with such a red lie that she had served her parents-in-law for 18 years after her husband’s death.” . While revealing her real name, she also revealed that she is a writer in the United States and that she works as a columnist for a media company.

Mr. Kim said, “(Chairman Kim) has never lived with her parents-in-law even once, including when her husband was alive, and (the parents-in-law), let alone respect, she has received all sorts of bad words and threats from Kim Eun-kyung for 18 years. did,” he added.

Opinions of the ruling and opposition parties also differed. People’s Power Secretary General Lee Cheol-gyu said on his personal SNS on the 6th.Introducing an article citing Chairman Kim’s sister-in-law’s claim, he criticized, “The person who entrusted the innovation of the huge opposition party to this type seems to be the same type.” On the other hand, at a press conference on the 100th day of his inauguration, Democratic Party floor leader Park Kwang-on said, “It is not appropriate for me to comment because it is a private matter. It is known that Chairman Kim will respond with a defamation complaint after the Innovation Committee is over.

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