“Take the King’s DNA of my child… Do it as if you were talking to a prince” Ministry of Education official who abused teacher

It was alleged that a grade 5 official from the메이저놀이터 Ministry of Education sent a letter to his child’s teacher, who is an elementary school student, saying, “My child has the DNA of a king,” and reported the teacher for child abuse, leading to removal from his position. Education authorities have launched an investigation.

According to the Elementary Teachers Union on the 10th, Mr. A, a 5th grade official from the Ministry of Education, reported Mr. B, the homeroom teacher of a child attending an elementary school in Sejong City, for child abuse last year, and the Sejong City Office of Education released teacher B from his position.

Mr. A said that she had been protesting to Mr. B regarding the education of her children, and she even sent a letter to Mr. B with absurd demands.

The letter said, “Because I am a child with the King’s DNA , I understand everything even if I speak in a good way as if I were speaking to a prince.” Please listen”, etc.

Regarding this, the Ministry of Education said, “We organized an investigation team and started the investigation.” “We notified the Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education, where the target of investigation is currently working, to initiate the investigation and requested removal from the position. Depending on the results of the investigation, we will take strict action on those involved.” revealed.

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