“Reveal episode 8 soon… Uprising” After pouring 50 billion… Netflix exploded

“Disney, you all had a plan… ” (Disney Plus Subscribers) Disney Plus, which was sluggish in the

domestic online video service ( OTT ) market due to being pushed by Netflix, came out with ‘Moving’ as a counterattack card. It is a self-produced series with a production cost of 50 billion won, and it claims to be a ‘Korean version of the Avengers’ based on a splendid cast. Following the series ‘Casino’, which played a major role in attracting subscribers in the first half of this year, it is expected to lead the box office in the second half of this year.

On the 9th, Disney Plus released the 20-episode drama Moving. It is a story about people who seem ordinary but each have secret superpowers and fight against reality. It is a work based on a webtoon with a cumulative 200 million views drawn by webtoon writer ‘Kang Full’, and the production team of ‘Squid Game’ participated. Seven episodes will be released for the first time, and then two episodes will be released sequentially every week.

Moving is also famous for its ‘blockbuster level’ work, which cost 50 billion won in production. Among the Korean dramas that have been released so far, the largest production budget ever was poured into it. Although filming was finished early last year, a full year was spent on post-production work such as CG . Moving went through 7,000 cuts of CG work, which is more than three times as many as 2,000 cuts of CG work for a single blockbuster movie.

It is still in the early stages of its release, but it is receiving favorable reviews from viewers. On the 11th, OTT search and recommendation platform Kinolights received a rating of 93% and ranked first in the overall ranking. Online, “To see actors in a drama that you could only see in movie theaters… The main responses were “The material is also fresh”, “I subscribed to Disney Plus to watch Moving, but I do not regret it”, “Disney’s box office success that I couldn’t even play casino, it is possible with this work”, “It was selected as well as the original work beyond expectations”.

The industry is paying attention to whether Moving can become a savior for Disney Plus. Disney Plus, which landed in Korea in 2021, failed to produce a box office hit worthy 메이저사이트of its reputation. Although he showed many self-produced Korean dramas such as ‘Grid’, ‘You and My Police Class’, ‘Connect’, and ‘Say It’s Love’, they did not receive much attention. It is like losing face every time despite the unprecedented volume offensive.

At least, as the casino starring Choi Min-shik, which was introduced from December of last year to March of this year, became popular, the number of users seemed to rise, but it entered a downward trend again. According to the big data analysis platform Mobile Index, as of July this year, the number of monthly active users ( MAU ) of Disney Plus was 1.92 million. Netflix (11.74 million), the number one in the industry, as well as domestic companies such as Teabing (5.22 million), Coupang Play (5.19 million), and Wave (4 million) fell into last place.

Moving is the final game for Disney Plus. In the first quarter of this year, the number of worldwide subscribers of Disney+ recorded 157.8 million, down 4 million from the same period last year. During the same period, operating loss also recorded 659 million dollars (approximately 920.5 billion won), which was sluggish. As the deficit has accumulated, Disney Plus has been carrying out layoffs since the beginning of this year with the goal of reducing 7,000 jobs. The content production budget has also been drastically reduced.

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