“You say you grow 5cm in a week?”… ‘Tighter exercise’ goes viral on social media

 The ‘tall exercise’, which is said to increase height by 5 cm in a week, is attracting attention from all over the world.

Recently, on social media , a yoga instructor ( yogawithmax ) in San Francisco, USA, introduced an exercise method through TikTok is gaining popularity. He did this exercise for 10 minutes a day and claimed the effect of growing 5 cm in one week.

This exercise, in which you stretch your chest with your head up, move your arms up and down, and raise and lower your heels dozens of times, is spreading rapidly in Korea through YouTube and TikTok.

This exercise method, which is getting a lot of attention with titles such as ‘Exercise to grow taller overseas proven’ and ‘Exercise to increase 8cm in popularity overseas’안전놀이터, is followed by reviews from people who say that it actually worked.

They claim that through this action, the pressed spine is stretched, the bent back is straightened, and the turtle neck is corrected to straighten the upper body, so that the hidden height can be found. Some people say that lifting the heel stimulates the growth plate and helps to grow taller.

So, does it actually have the effect of growing taller?

Experts explain, “Adults whose growth plates are closed cannot grow taller by stretching” and “actually, they do not grow taller. . TikTokker yogawithmax

popularized the movementIn addition to this, 10 minutes a day can increase height, and shows various stretching exercises.

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