After the rainy season and the heat wave… A price that sounds like a ‘huh’

While prices of agricultural products have been strong due to the rainy season and heat wave, the damage from Typhoon Kanun, the 6th, is expected to be considerable, raising concerns over rising food prices.

According to the Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation ( aT ) agricultural product distribution information on the 13th, the wholesale price of cabbage (product) on the 11th was 25,760 won per 10 kg, up 160.7% from 9,880 won a month ago. Compared to 19,096 won a year ago, it is 34.9% more expensive.

The wholesale price of radish was 29,320 won per 20kg, up 127.3% from 12,900 won a month ago and 6.1% higher than 27,628 won a year ago.

The wholesale price of green onions is 3,250 won per kg, up 56.6% from 2,076 won a month ago and 4.3% higher than 3,116 won a year ago.

The wholesale price of spinach is 59,500 won per 4kg, up 51.7% from a month ago (39,228 won) and 14.6% higher than a year ago (51,916 won).

There are concerns that agricultural product prices may rise further if crop damage caused by Typhoon Kanun, which landed on the Korean Peninsula on the 10th, is reflected.

In the case of fruits, apples and pears are expected 메이저사이트to decrease by about 20% compared to last year due to abnormal temperatures in spring, but the typhoon may cause damage such as falling fruits and flooding, further reducing supply.

The Korea Rural Economic Institute initially predicted that the wholesale price of apples this month would rise by 5.6% compared to the same month last year, and pears would rise by 10.9-20.1% due to the decrease in supply, but this means that it can rise even more.

In addition, as demand for fruits during the Chuseok holiday season increases next month, the extent of rise in wholesale prices of apples and pears may increase further.

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