“My wife is my first love”… The reason why the husband revealed the face of the murder victim

While Choi Won-jong (22), a suspect in the ‘Seohyeon station vehicle rushing and indiscriminately stabbing’ case, announced that he would write a letter of reflection at the detention center, the victim’s bereaved family directly expressed their feelings.

The bereaved family of a woman in her 60s who died after being hit by a vehicle Choi Won-jong was driving and died, revealed the face and name of the deceased and appealed to the victim, not the perpetrator, to pay attention. According to a KBS

report on the 12th , the late Lee Hee-nam’s husband said, “I went completely crazy when I saw my wife lying on the floor bleeding.”

Previously, on the day of the accident, Mr. Lee was in a disaster while holding hands with his husband while going out to eat. It is said that Mr. Lee was walking from the inside of the메이저사이트 sidewalk, and his husband from outside close to the driveway. At this time, the vehicle in which Choi Won-jong was riding suddenly ran at high speed from the back, crossed the sidewalk, and crashed into Mr. Lee.

Lee was the ‘first victim’ in this case. After the accident, Mr. Lee fell into a state of brain death, and after receiving treatment in the intensive care unit for four days, he finally died around 2 am on the 6th.

Mr. Lee’s son-in-law also said that he could not understand the reality that the perpetrator, not the victim, was in the spotlight. He pointed out, “I don’t think it’s really right to give a criminal a narrative,” and “isn’t it that the damage is different because of that?”

The bereaved family demanded severe punishment for Choi Won-jong with one voice. Earlier, another victim, a woman in her 20s, was reported to be receiving life-sustaining treatment. When it became known that the woman’s six-day hospital bill alone amounted to 13 million won, some raised the need for government support.

In response, the Ministry of Justice announced on the 11th that Minister Han Dong-hoon had instructed the prosecutors’ office and the Crime Victim Support Center to provide victim support by using all possible methods, such as the ‘Special Resolution of the Economic Support Council’, to support hospitalization expenses.

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