70 people at the campsite near the escaped lion, Honbi Baeksan… “If it hadn’t been caught early, it would have been a catastrophe.”

 It was confirmed that there was a campsite near the farm where the lion escaped, and it almost led to a big accident.

At around 7:20 am on the 14th, a lioness raised on the farm escaped through an open door while the manager entered the pen to clean up after feeding.

The farm is located at 355m above sea level, and you have to climb the forest road for about 2km from the village. There is a camping site not far from this farm, and about 70 people were staying in 15 tents.

If the lion that had escaped from the cage had come down here instead of being around the farm, a terrible accident could have happened.

After the accident, the village head contacted the campground and requested an emergency evacuation, and from 7:40 am, campers evacuated to the nearby village hall by vehicle.

Oh Se-hun (42), who came to the camping site with his family from Daegu, said, “I came with my children, but I was scared and very surprised to hear that a lion had escaped in the middle of the night.” I didn’t expect it, but I’m glad I got caught right away.”

An official from the campsite said, “I knew that it was very dangerous because I had seen lions raised on the ranch, so I evacuated immediately as soon as I was contacted by the head of the ranch.”

Fortunately, the lion did not move near the ranch and was killed by the police and rescue authorities, and the campers who had fled to the village hall returned to the campsite around 8:40 am that day.

It was found that the accident occurred on this day when the farm manager entered the pen to clean and escaped through the open door. The lion cage made of iron is divided into two spaces and has a common space.

While the administrator opened the door to one of the two separate spaces and entered, the lion in the other space escaped through the common space.

The lions are fed outside the cage, but you have to open the door to clean.

While a male lion and one female lion were raised here, the male lion died before the current farmer took over the farm.

This farm was leased by Mr. Kang to the land owner in August of last year, and the lion he was breeding was also taken over during the rental process.

It is said that the lions on this farm were bred 20 years ago when they were cubs, and were so메이저놀이터 docile that they acted cute and petted their heads.

Mr. Kang, who rented a farm a year ago to prepare for old age and prepared for cattle breeding, said, “At the time of the acquisition, raising lions was expensive and difficult to manage. It was rejected because of the high possibility,” he said.

“Now the law has been revised so we can’t raise wild beasts, but when we brought in cubs 20 years ago, it seems that they were allowed as pets,” he said. There was no way to do it,” he explained.

An official from Goryeong-gun said, “The permission to breed imported beasts is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Environment, not the local government. We are currently investigating whether the breeding is illegal,” he said.

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