“It’s hard to complain about the bad smell” Pig farmer’s extreme choice… Commemoration of the Korean pork industry

 The atmosphere of mourning in the pig farming industry is rising in connection with the recent extreme choice of the farmer of a pig farm in Boseong, Jeollanam-do, who received complaints about the odor.

Pig farmers are also complaining of similar odor complaints and voicing that “the livestock industry must be protected under regulation”, and the wave is expected to continue.

The Korean Hand Pork Association announced on the 13th that it will hold a memorial service in honor of Mr. A, the owner of a pig farm who died in front of the Ministry of Environment on the 16th. Complaints about odor from Mr. A’s pig barn were received in Boseong-gun four times at

the end of May this year and on the 10th, 18th and 21st of last month.

Mr. A received several on-site inspections from the military in response to complaints. The military judged that there was no severe odor from the farmhouse, but it is known that in consideration of repeated complaints, it requested a plan to reduce the odor from Mr. A.

On the 21st of last month, when the complaint was filed, he made an extreme choice near the farmhouse after talking with a county official.

At the time, he was known to have felt emotionally burdened by repeated complaints.

In the note he left behind, ‘I’ve lived hard up until now, but it’s really, really hard to file a complaint. I am really sorry for the surrounding residents’.

After his death, pig farmers also메이저사이트 sympathized with the civil complaints and mourned.

In the memorial section of the Korea Handan Association’s website, ‘We need a culture that protects the industry and understands the residents. Rest in peace for the deceased’, ‘Our farm family has been running a pig farm for several generations, and it is difficult due to odor complaints. I am raising pigs while worrying about civil complaints every day.”

The Korean Pork Association issued a statement and said, “The Korean pork industry is a food industry that supplies valuable protein to the people of Korea, but the livestock industry is threatened by increasing complaints about odor and administrative regulations.” Pork farmers are deeply frustrated,” he said.

Mr. A, who started the livestock industry in Woongchi-myeon, Boseong-gun in 1999, served as the head of the Boseong branch of the Korean Hand Pork Association. His farm has been recognized as a model farmhouse in the local handon industry, having been certified as a green livestock farm for animal welfare in Jeollanam-do and a clean livestock farm by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

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