“The crew got sick”… Jamboree diary delivered by a Swedish participant ‘Shock’

“The water from the tap smelled of chlorine and was lukewarm. There was no ice box, only a styrofoam box.”

“The crew collapsed from heatstroke. A paraplegic came, and he was given cough medicine and sleeping pills.”

Although the 25th Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree, which caused controversy over its operation, has come to an end, aftershocks continue.

On the 12th (local time), the British media Guardian reported on the poor situation at the Saemangeum encampment through the diary of Moa Mannerstrom (23, female), the deputy head of the Swedish scout. Vice-Chief Moa’s writings contained the chaotic initial Jamboree situation.

The Swedish scouts arrived at the Saemangeum camp on the 3rd of the opening ceremony. Despite being a day behind schedule, the camp was not ready at all, Moa said.

He explained, “I was assigned a red zone, which means that it will be flooded when it rains, and I thought about whether or not to set up a tent.”

“It took an hour to get to the venue for the opening ceremony (even though the tent was not set up). There was no control over the crowd,” he added.

Eventually, after the opening ceremony, the tent was set up at 2:00 in the morning. “It was a very exhausting and intense start,” he recalled at the time.

From the second day, it was a battle against heat waves.

“It was so hot inside the tent that we couldn’t go in after 7 a.m.,” Manastrom said. Water was scarce, but the tap water smelled like chlorine and was lukewarm.”

Food was also a big problem. The Swedish Scouts had several members with gluten allergies. They were repeatedly served gluten-free corn flakes and bananas. Vegetarians only served noodles without any protein substitutes.

On the third day, the 5th, the news of the withdrawal of the British scouts spread, and the camp became a mess. He was concerned that although the volunteers were sticking like glue and persuading the participants, the Jamboree would not proceed properly if the status quo remained.

The poor situation has hardly improved by this time.

“The Scouts were getting sicker and sicker, and it was imperative to create some shade where they could rest,” said Lieutenant Commander Mannerstrom, raising his voice메이저사이트.

It seems that the hygiene problem in the bathroom was more serious than expected.

He said, “I used the youth bathroom once, but it was unbelievably hot.

He also recalled, “I heard from the crew that the garbage cans in the women’s bathroom were overflowing with sanitary products and that the walls of the men’s bathroom were stained with feces.”

From the 6th, when the American scouts also left, visible changes appeared. However, in some areas, such as medical care, things beyond common sense were still happening.

“Since we started cleaning the toilets several times a day, there were far fewer toilets with clogged toilets,” he said. “One of the scouts went to the clinic exhausted from heat exhaustion. My legs are paralyzed, but they only take cough medicine and sleeping pills,” he complained.

The next day, I went to the medical tent with a crew member who had injured his ankle, but I heard that essential medical supplies such as antipyretics were in short supply.

“By the 8th, I was exhausted, too. We were told that this was not what we expected, and we could not answer the crew members,” he said.

Indeed, the Swedish scouts left Saemangeum the next day. Lieutenant Commander Manner Strom says he wasn’t happy.

He said, “It was nice to finally get an air conditioner when I got on the bus,” but also added, “I feel really sorry for all the IST volunteers. When we left, they were in a very gloomy mood.”

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