“Expo sales ‘Busan 70, Riyadh 70’ Baekjungse”

In the competition for selecting the host country for the 2030 World Expo (World Expo), an analysis of midterm market results showed that Busan secured 70 votes, Saudi Arabia Riyadh 70 votes, and Italy Rome 23 votes respectively.

The Office of the President and the Expo 2030 Bidding Committee recently surveyed 171 member countries of the Organization for International Expositions ( BIE ) to find out the status of support for the host country of World Expo 2030. A high-ranking official in the presidential office said that the situation in which Saudi Arabia was somewhat ahead has changed to this result after the 4th BIE presentation ( PT ) in June.

As of the 16th, Korea has received official declarations of support from 70 countries, or received a stance that they will support Korea internally. It is said that the number of supporting countries has increased dramatically since the bidding war started in earnest last year. On the other hand, the number of countries supporting Saudi Arabia has stagnated, not increasing, and Italy is securing limited support centered on EU countries.

A high-ranking official in the presidential office said, “Among the countries that have officially declared their support for Saudi Arabia or are friendly, 25 countries have recently conveyed their stance behind the scenes that they directly or indirectly support our country,” confident that the number will increase. In particular, he said, “The atmosphere has completely changed after the release of the 4th PT and BIE due diligence report conducted by President Yoon Seok-yeol and singer Psy.”

The official said, “There is a high possibility that no country will win a majority in the first round of voting at the General Assembly in November, so there is a high possibility that a second round of voting will take place. ”, predicted.

Regarding the analysis that the disruption 메이저사이트of the World Scout Jamboree will have a negative impact on the hosting of the World Expo, “The Jamboree is the Jamboree, and the World Expo is the World Expo. You don’t have to worry at all,” he said, drawing a line in his voice of concern. He said, “After President Yoon went through the Jamboree incident, his will to ‘attract the World Expo and hold it properly’ became stronger,” suggesting that the government will launch a large-scale bidding war.

President Yoon recently told aides in the presidential office, “The Jamboree, a national event, has become an object of attack by the opposition party. As much as the World Expo, from now on, it must be thoroughly taken care of and held successfully so that it does not become a subject of political dispute in any government.” President Yoon will attend a series of major diplomatic events, such as the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) summit, the G20

(20 major countries) summit, and the United Nations General Assembly , which will be held from early September . The presidential office is coordinating the diplomatic schedule so that President Yoon can have bilateral talks with the heads of countries in a relay manner to ‘attract the World Expo Busan’ on the occasion of the international conference. President Yoon’s intention is said to have been reflected in Foreign Minister Park Jin’s recent visits to Africa and the Middle East, in earnest in negotiations to host the World Expo in Busan.

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