A bounty of 4.2 billion was put on the crab that eats clams… State of emergency declared in Veneto

According to Britain’s ‘The Times’ on the 17th (local time), the Italian government recently allocated a budget of 2.9 million euros (about 4.2 billion won) to eradicate blue crabs. The money will be paid as a bounty to those who catch and dispose of blue crabs.

Blue crabs mainly inhabit the Atlantic coast of North America. However, after entering the Mediterranean a few years ago, it has become a serious nuisance along the northeast메이저사이트 coast of Italy. This is because blue crabs have a huge appetite and are good at tearing open shells with their sharp claws.

Seafood such as clams, mussels, and oysters, which are essential ingredients for Italians who enjoy eating vongole pasta, were eaten at random by blue crabs, putting fish farmers in danger of going out of business.

In response, Veneto Governor Luca Zaia showed a blue crab to reporters at a press conference the day before and said, “(The crab) is destroying everything and causing disaster.” “We declared a state of emergency on July 24,” he added. “We also asked the government to declare a national emergency.”In Veneto, 326 tons of blue crabs were caught this year. However, fishermen are still complaining that the population is not declining. Emanuele Rossetti, a biologist at the Flesine Fisheries Association, one of Europe’s largest clam farming associations, said: “Even though 12 tonnes of blue crabs are caught every day, they have little effect on the population.”

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