Only Chinese real estate assets are ‘8,000 trillion won in 1 view’… ‘Red light’ in the world economy

The foreign press continues to highlight the theory of China’s economic crisis, and some seem to have an opinion that the government should step in, as in the case of the Hengda Group incident. However, the Chinese government is only taking a nuance that seems to soothe anxiety. is it suitable?

◆Kibin Hong> It’s very subtle right now, but I’ll tell you a little about the part where some people say that they’re anxious right now. I just want you to refer to it, but I’m saying that the Chinese government’s response to the scale of the current situation is too lukewarm. Once I saw this situation, I lowered the interest rate, but I lowered the interest rate, the medium-term interest rate, and the short-term interest rate. In addition, banks are now stepping up and saying that they will urgently transfuse funds, but the scale is about 51 trillion won. By the way, the total asset size of China’s real estate sector is 8,000 trillion won. Have you heard of kyeong?

◇Anchor> I can’t understand it at the level of reading aloud, the amount is too big.

◆Kibin Hong> Of course, this is not all a problem, but with 51 trillion won in such a large part, it is not a simple liquidity crisis. I’m about to fall into a situation of insolvency right now, will this be enough? That’s why people say it’s not lukewarm. In fact, if you look at the announcements made by the Communist Party, China says that it will revive domestic demand and respond to real estate, but specific measures are not coming out well, and President Xi Jinping recently looked at this situation and said, be patient, be patient, hold on. They say you did So, this is a very pessimistic interpretation of this, but isn’t the whole Chinese system trying to restructure the existing export-led, domestic demand, and then real estate structure that was intertwined? So, it is worth remembering that there are some pessimists who say that they are not trying to take such active measures to save the real estate crisis that is bursting this time as in the past.

◇Anchor> Anyway, this isn’t just limited to China, it’s also related to the world economy. From time to time, there is talk that Wall Street has also been bitten by 2.3 trillion won, and I said that it reminds me of a nightmare from the past, but there are some people who recall the Lehman Brothers incident that caused the global financial crisis in 2008.

◆Kibin Hong> First of all, we need to remember the 2.8 trillion figure, but looking at the investment in Chinese real estate now, there are investors not only in China but also around the world. BlackRock, Fidelity, HSBC, Allianz So, if you name it, all the famous very large companies are connected, but there is a more problem. Now, if Country Garden, if this company goes bankrupt, so if it has to be liquidated, all these foreign investors will be subordinated under Chinese law.

◇Anchor> Chinese companies are the first to be bailed out.

◆Kibin Hong> Investors and creditors in China are supposed to be repaid first and are pushed to the bottom. However, in the process of liquidating a company, it is highly likely that it will 메이저사이트end without receiving a single penny. It’s a huge amount of money right now, and if this money really flies into the air, this can’t be shocking. Investors in our country are clearly in there. However, it seems difficult to say whether it will go as far as the Lehman Brothers crisis. I think it’s because the Lehman Brothers incident happened very accidentally at that time. It happened because I was out of focus with the US Congress, but now that governments and all financial systems around the world are now paying close attention to managing all risks, I am skeptical that something so dramatic will happen.

◇Anchor> Earlier, you pointed out that Korean investors’ money may also have entered, but our real estate market is not good either. I wonder how it will affect the real estate market.

◆Kibin Hong> One thing to remember is that exports will not work well. Now that the Chinese economy is like this, exports are decreasing, but Korea’s exports to China have been declining for the past 14 months. So, you need to remember that this trend will continue or intensify, and the Chinese real estate market and our real estate market are not connected, so real estate is divided. What you need to remember is that the structure of the real estate market in China, which I mentioned earlier, and the structure of the real estate market in Korea are not very different. So, if exports do not work properly or domestic demand does not revive in Korea, there is a possibility that the same situation as that in China will occur. It would be nice to see this as a point and keep an eye on it.

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