The power of the people who said, “Get paid for your sins,” the reason why you can’t help but laugh at the ‘Lee Jae-myeong Warrant’

While there are observations that the prosecution’s request for an arrest warrant for Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myung is imminent, the people’s power is complicated. As long as the Democratic Party and Representative Lee’s ‘judicial risk’ have been used as a subject of offensive, there is a prospect that it will be difficult to expect the reflective benefits enjoyed by the people’s power depending on the situation after the warrant request.

On the 17th, the power of the people continues to beat Lee Jae-myung after the prosecutor’s investigation of CEO메이저사이트 Lee related to the ‘suspicion of preferential treatment for the Baekhyeon-dong development project’. They also criticized the Democratic Party for urging the prosecution to request an arrest warrant during off-session as a trick. Spokesman Kim Min-soo said on the 20th, “If you look at Lee, who presses for a non-sessional request by specifying the timing of the issuance of the arrest warrant, you can see the image of a politician soaked in omnipotent power.” Representative Kim Ki-hyun also criticized the day before, saying, “Is it possible to have the privilege of undergoing a warrant review at will, as if shopping at a department store?”

On the surface, it is a message to Lee to ‘get the punishment’. The intention is also reflected that if the prosecution requests an arrest warrant during the regular session of the National Assembly in September and proceeds to vote on the motion for arrest at the plenary session, the Democratic Party’s self-restraint will benefit them. If the Democratic Party rejects the motion to arrest Lee, there will be a justification for strengthening the bulletproof offensive.

As such, it is the best scenario from the standpoint of the people’s power that the controversy over Lee’s judicial treatment continues until the general election in April next year.

In the party, there is also a sense of crisis called “excessively complacent prospects”. If the arrest warrant for Lee is dismissed, the justification for beating Lee Jae-myeong will inevitably be weakened, and the headwind that the prosecution conducted a political investigation may even blow to the people’s strength. An official in the People’s Power said, “It is difficult to figure out what is advantageous to the People’s Power in relation to the timing and results of requesting a warrant for Representative Lee.” We are considering what we can use as an opportunity to counterattack.”

There are also concerns that even if CEO Lee is arrested, he will not be able to just laugh. This is because the Democratic Party, which has shaken off Lee’s judicial risk ahead of next year’s general elections, can provide an opportunity to spur ‘renewal’ through the emergency committee or the election of new leadership. A member of the People’s Power said, “The ruling party, while only paying attention to the President’s office, took off the attitude of highlighting only security issues and the ‘splitting the people’ speech, changed the direction of state affairs to the economy and people’s livelihood, and hastily prepared for the’general election without Lee Jae-myeong’ must do,” he said.

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