Reimbursement of medical expenses in excess of income from tomorrow… Average of 1.32 million won per person

1.86 million people whose medical expenses over the past year exceeded the upper limit of their income standards will receive a refund of medical expenses worth 메이저놀이터2.4 trillion won.

Today (22nd), according to the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Health Insurance Corporation, 2.4708 trillion won will be paid to 1,868,545 people who have spent medical expenses in excess of the maximum amount of medical expenses through the determination of the maximum amount of personal burden for each individual.

Each person will receive an average benefit of 1.32 million won.

The co-payment ceiling system is a system that returns the excess amount to health insurance subscribers when the total annual co-payment exceeds the individual upper limit (KRW 830,000 – 5.98 million as of 2022). The remaining amount is covered by health insurance. For example, as of last year, if you are

an office worker in the 6th to 7th income quintile (monthly health insurance premiums of 100,620 won to 144,480 won), the maximum out-of-pocket amount is 2.89 million won. If your out-of-pocket cost is 3 million won, you will get 110,000 won back.

830,000 won for the 1st quintile, and 1.03 million won for the 2nd and 3rd quintiles, will be refunded.

Those in the 10th highest income quintile (monthly insurance premiums exceeding KRW 250,250) receive a refund of the amount exceeding KRW 5.98 million.

The National Health Insurance Corporation plans to sequentially send notices to those eligible for payment, starting tomorrow (23rd) to request payment of the excess of the maximum amount paid.

According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, when we looked at the beneficiaries of the co-payment ceiling system in detail, it appeared that those in the bottom 50% of income and those aged 65 or older benefited the most. 

1,587,595 people in the bottom 50% or less in income and KRW 1,731.8 billion were paid, respectively, accounting for 85.0% of all beneficiaries and 70.1% of the amount paid.

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