Up to 1,000,000 won in parental salary next year, 4,000,000 won in student loans

The power of the people and the government decided to organize next year’s budget, focusing on ‘welfare for the weak, public safety, and preparation for the future’. It means that we will not be negligent in taking care of the people’s livelihood even in a situation where the finances are not good due to less tax revenue this year.

Specifically, the parental benefit of up to 700,000 won, which was newly established this year, will be increased to a maximum of 1 million won next year as planned. The ceiling of low-interest living expenses loans for college students will be expanded from 3.5 million won to 4 million won. The budget for the early opening of the KTX from Incheon and the GTX line A will be fully reflected.

The People’s Power and the Ministry of Strategy and Finance held a party-government council at the National Assembly on the 23rd and discussed the 2024 budget bill with these contents. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance Choo Kyung-ho, who oversaw the government’s budget plan, said, “Next year’s budget plan was prepared so that we can tighten our belts and keep the rate of increase in spending at a low level while providing thick support to the underprivileged and faithfully preparing for public safety and the future.” We will push for fiscal normalization by removing factors that cause financial leakage and boldly investing financial resources in essential areas.” The Power of the People Yoon Jae-ok, floor leader, emphasized that “we must show the appearance of firmly establishing fiscal soundness,” and Policy Committee Chairman Park Dae-dal said, “next year’s budget must be invested in protecting the weak, public safety, future generations, and jobs.” Agree on the direction of the draft budget.

The government and the ruling party will carry스포츠토토 out the plan to raise the amount of parental benefits to a maximum of 1 million won per month next year as scheduled. Previously, the government announced last year that it would pay 700,000 won per month in 2023 and 1 million won per month in 2024 for children under the age of 0. The parental benefit for a one-year-old child will increase from 350,000 won this year to 500,000 won next year. In addition, the 2 million won ‘first meeting voucher’ for children born after 2022 will be expanded and applied to households with multiple children from next year.

The ruling party and the government decided to expand the budget for the essential pediatric emergency sector, which has been identified as a blind spot in medical care. The budget for direct agricultural payments will reflect more than 3 trillion won next year. Full support for college tuition for children from basic and second income households.

Meanwhile, the ruling party and the government decided to supply fleece-type sweaters, which were worn only by officers, to all soldiers so that they can prepare for the harsh cold next year.

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