What if the ‘Chinese anxiety issue’ is mentioned? Fluctuating world economy ‘tension’

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◇Anchor> It seems that the Chinese economy is not doing well right now. In the case of large cities, the vacancy rate is 20%, so there are stories like 1 out of 5 offices being closed, so there are many concerns about how much it will affect our economy. How is it?

◆Kim Kwang-seok> The first thing we can think about is export. Because about 20% of Korea’s total exports go to China. But I also gave 20%. It appeared as the Chinese economy declined for 22 and 23 years, and the amount of exports to China decreased. Originally it went up to 26%. Will exports to China not be affected anyway? Because China is so dependent on exports, the Chinese economy is in trouble, many companies that used to work in China are moving to other countries, and even Chinese companies and even chaebol companies deliberately메이저사이트 go bankrupt and run away. As such phenomena appear, it will be relatively difficult for us to export to China. Then, wouldn’t this inevitably act as a stumbling block to economic recovery? That can be interpreted as the path we are most concerned about.

◇Anchor> Earlier, when we were talking about President Lee Chang-yong, we talked about verbal intervention, but isn’t Chairman Powell’s mouth the most sensitive in the verbal intervention? Even in August of last year, I remember that there was a strong aftermath when he emphasized that he would not step back as an inflation fighter in his speech at the Jackson Hole meeting. How can we predict this time?

◆Kim Kwang-seok> The Jackson Hole Meeting is held every August, and you can literally see it as an economics symposium. There is Mount Teton in an area called Jackson Hole. That is why it is called the Revelation of Mount Teton. It was called the Revelation of Mount Teton because it meant that it would be realized as it was said by the former Fed chairpersons every August. until you do. At that time, the inflation rate was 9.3%, but didn’t you raise the interest rate to about 5.5% while saying that you would continue to raise interest rates until it fell to 2%? So, the direction of tightening monetary policy was spoken at that time, and it can be seen that it was realized. As expected, the Jackson Hole meeting now, which will be announced at 11 o’clock tomorrow night, will have a keynote speech by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell at the Jackson Hole meeting, at 11 o’clock. Then, what will be said in the keynote speech at 11:00 pm will be the standard for reading the future monetary policy stance. But what I’m most worried about is if Powell’s mouth emphasizes the anxiety problem from China, then the Chinese economy will be difficult and the world economy will stabilize further down, and if so, it will be a burden to raise interest rates further. Then, for the Chinese economic crisis, there is a tendency to emphasize a little more about the risk from China, which will lead to expectations that there may not be an additional increase in interest rates. On the other hand, there is still a long way to go to catch up on prices. It was far. We still have to raise interest rates additionally to stabilize prices. If you put a lot of expressions of the kind that you have to keep austerity stance, on the contrary.

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