8,000 won per 1 kg of female crab… Can I eat as much crab as I want this fall?

Will I be able to eat a lot of delicious blue crab this fall? As the catches of the main producing areas of blue crab increase, the price is formed lower than normal. Distributors have started selling fall crabs in earnest.

Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, announced on the 23rd that blue crab fishing is taking place after the ban on blue crabs, the representative marine product of the region, was lifted on the 21st. At Baeksajang Port in Anmyeon-eup, one of the representative blue crab production areas in Korea, crab fishing boats all set sail from midnight on the 21st and began catching blue crabs in autumn.

On this day, the blue crab catch that entered Baeksajang Port was counted as 6 tons. This is more than the catch (5 tons) on the first day of the lifting of the blue crab ban last fall. The industry expects that the catch will increase compared to last year as fish resource management in the West Sea is carried out, such as releasing large amounts of fry. An official from the National Fisheries Cooperative said, “We are expecting a good harvest for blue crabs this year.”

As catches increase, prices are lower than last year. On the 21st, at the consignment market in Baeksajang Port, the male crab prices were set at 7,000 won per kg and female crabs at 8,000 won per kg. Taean-gun said that this is about 10 to 20% lower than the average year based on the first day of the board.

Fishermen expect blue crabs to attract attention as a gift for Chuseok, which is about a month away. However, on the 22nd, the crab fishing boats could not sail due to strong winds.

Distributors also started selling blue crabs메이저사이트. Lotte Mart started selling new crabs at stores nationwide from the 22nd as the blue crab ban ended. From the 24th to the 30th, Lotte Mart sells blue crabs from the West Coast directly sent from the production area at a discount of 992 won per 100g.

Taurine, which is abundant in blue crabs, is known to play an important role in retinal formation and vision protection. Blue crab is also effective in detoxifying alcohol, and is known as a food that strengthens heart and liver functions and helps prevent diabetes.

An official from Taean-gun said, “We hope that the local economy will be able to breathe again this fall with a large blue crab boom.”

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