“’Barican assault man’ tries to impregnate his daughter without consent”… Shocking testimony of the victim’s father

The possibility of additional crimes is increasing for a man who commits date violence, such as urinating on his face and shaving his head with a hair clipper for 4 nights and 5 days while his girlfriend is imprisoned. While the process of receiving military exemption, the forgery of private documents during the personal rehabilitation process, and the circumstances of the solicitation of drugs, etc., testimonies that she tried to get her pregnant without consent continued, adding to the shock.

On the 24th, the YouTube channel ‘Caracula Detective Office’ revealed some of the personal information of Mr. A, the so-called ‘Barrican Assault’ perpetrator, and through additional statements from Mr. B, the reason why he was able to receive exemption from military service, saying that he was depressed, and the reason he lost due to gambling and stocks. It was revealed that he forged private documents when he applied for personal rehabilitation for money.

According to victim B, Mr. A, who was obsessed with violence and verbal abuse, said to Mr. B after the incident, “Sue me. I have a lot of money so I can get out. lawyer? test? no one can help you I will go out anyway,” he threatened.

It was also revealed that the perpetrator A worked as a host bar player. Mr. B said, “I hid (being a host bar player) from me. He always said that his family was on the wealthy side,” he said.

Mr. B also said that he saw Mr. A flushing it down the toilet after being prescribed medicine falsely, even though he was able to get exemption from military service because of depression.

In addition, Mr. A lost about 60 million won at one time through gambling, and because of this, in the process of applying for personal rehabilitation, the job of host bar (player) was not recognized, so he forged private documents through Telegram and submitted them to the judge. also explained.

This was not the only case of Mr. A’s crime.

Mr. B said, “A took sleeping pills for fun.” There was a time when he recommended a drug called ‘candy’ to me. He said it’s non-addictive and he gets it in 10 minutes on Telegram. He insisted, “Do you have any plans to do it together?”

Another shocking situation was also reported at the consul that day.

The father of victim B, who appeared in the메이저사이트 video, revealed that there was a situation where A tried to impregnate her without B’s consent.

He said, “Her daughter is not menstruating, so I went to the convenience store to check if she was pregnant and kept buying pregnancy tests.” added

Meanwhile, it is known that perpetrator A is preparing for trial by appointing three super-luxurious lawyers.

Mr. A’s side is known to deny the coercion of sexual assault and assault, saying, “The victim wanted it.”

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