A housewife who stole things after receiving a refund… got 100 million won

A housewife in her 30s was sentenced to prison for committing fraud of 100 million won by repeatedly buying and returning products online.

According to the legal community on the 28th, Judge Jeong Geum-young of the 4th Criminal Division of the Seoul Western District Court sentenced Wi-mo (37), who was charged with fraud on the 23rd, to 1 year and 2 months in prison.

Mr. Wi was charged with taking메이저사이트 goods worth 139 million won on 71 occasions between January and October 2021 by receiving only refunds from two Internet shopping malls and not returning them properly.

Mr. Wi sent an empty box or returned only part of the item by abusing the fact that you can receive a refund automatically within three days as long as the return courier invoice number is confirmed. It was investigated that the items left behind were sold on a second-hand trading platform, saying that they were ‘new products’.

Ms. Wie tried to return all the items, but the courier claimed that only part of them were collected.

However, the court judged that the return courier box was completely empty, or that items such as smart watches and wireless earphones were sent one at a time, so they had no intention of returning them normally to Wie.

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