I was surprised as soon as I saw the king crab belly… New ‘ice strike’ warning

At a fish market in the metropolitan area, it was alleged that customers were overcharged by the so-called ‘ice hitting’ method, which is to fill the belly of king crab with ice and weigh it.

On the 25th, on the YouTube channel ‘Memories of Biting’ run by fish columnist Kim Ji-min, there was a video titled ‘Put ice inside the stomach shell. A video titled, “How much do you have to learn to be this confident?” was uploaded.

The video contains the story of an informant who visited a fish market in the metropolitan area and said that he seemed to have been hit by a scale. Scaling is when fish market vendors cheat customers on the weight of their purchases. It is well known that the price is paid without subtracting the weight of메이저사이트 the basket or the method of adding water to the basket.

Mr. A, who reported the story, inquired, “I ordered king crab via text message, but he put a lot of ice on the stomach and weighed it. I am curious if this is also a scale, so I am contacting you.” If you look at the photo he released, the weight of the king crab on the scale comes out to be 2.035 kg. The price per 1 kg was 65,000 won, for a total of 132,300 won.

As soon as Mr. Kim saw this king crab, he judged that 2kg would not be enough. He pointed out, “Look at the size of the king crab right now. Anyone who sells king crab knows it. This never weighs 2kg. It’s very small.”

Then, he said, “This photo was sent to Mr. A by a merchant saying, ‘We measured it like this.’ The fact that he casually sent this picture is that this kind of behavior is ingrained in his body. I don’t think he was aware of how serious this was.”

He added, “To give you an honest opinion, this is a new type of ice-playing.

The blink of an eye weighing is a concern for consumers visiting the seafood market. In March 2021, a seafood vendor in Mokpo, Jeollanam-do, was caught trying to sell mineo by secretly placing a brick on a scale, and was suspended for 15 days and suspended from using the store.

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