30 minutes for 7,600 won, ‘sleep’ at the cafe… Introducing the ‘sleep capsule’ for standing up

A ‘sleep capsule’ introduced by a cafe in Tokyo, Japan is becoming a hot topic. The cafe plans to install and operate a ‘sleep capsule’ for a limited time until the 17th of next month. The Nescafe Sleep Café, run by the

instant coffee brand Nescafe , introduced a vertical sleeping capsule for customers to take a nap in the store.

The capsule, developed by Japanese venture company Giraffenap , has upright seats with arm and knee pads inside, as well as ventilation, electrical outlets and dimming lights. There are two types of capsules: Forest using wood inside and outside, and Spacia with a futuristic design using plastic and metal.

There are opinions that it looks uncomfortable because메이저사이트 you have to take a somewhat sane posture inside the capsule, but users are favorable. Not only does it block outside noise, but the interior lighting is dim, so you can quickly relax and fall asleep.

The fee for using a sleeping capsule, including a cup of coffee, is 825 yen (about 7,600 won). You can use it without a reservation, but if the desired time overlaps, the person who made the reservation has priority.

Nescafe paid attention to the increasing lack of sleep in Japan and the resulting psychological anxiety, and in 2021, Nescafe Sleep Café, a comprehensive sleep experience space, was prepared.

The cafe side explains that a 15-20 minute nap increases the efficiency of afternoon activities such as studying and working. In particular, if you take a nap immediately after drinking coffee, it is said that the caffeine starts to take effect around the time you wake up and the drowsiness disappears neatly, which is an advantage over a normal nap.

In addition to the sleeping capsules installed for a limited time this time, there is a sleeping room on the second floor of the cafe where you can sleep on recliners and large sofas. The 30-minute usage fee of the sleeping room is the same as that of the sleeping capsule, and you pay 1,650 yen (approximately 15,000 won), and an additional cup of decaffeinated coffee is provided in addition to regular coffee for an hour of use.

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