“Let’s protect General Hong Beom-do!” Condemnation rallies all over the place… President Yoon’s best friend is also ‘opposite’

Voices of opposition are getting louder.

At the Military Academy and the grave of General Hong Beom-do, anti-Japanese groups and descendants of independence activists strongly condemned the government’s policy, and criticism of outdated ideological disputes and unfair censorship came from inside the passport and from close friends of the president.

Reporter Byun Yoon-jae reports.

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“There is no future for a soldier who forgets history

.” Members of an anti-Japanese group gathered in front of the main gate of the Korea Military Academy


[Lee Bu-young/Honorary Chairman of the Solidarity for Free Press Practice] “It’s a truly disheartening national defeat
… I wonder if their country is already more pro-Japanese than the Republic of Korea…”

General Hong Beom-do of Daejeon National Cemetery

[Yang Joon-yeong/Director of the Daejeon Branch of the National Liberation Association]
“The Ministry of National Defense’s attempt to remove the bust of a man of national merit for independence without a justifiable reason is no different from an attempt by the Japanese Empire to reveal their national spirit… “

Passport Criticism continued from within.Lee

Jun-seok, former representative of People’s Power, said, “I don’t know what I want to gain by insulting the independence activist who received the Order of National Merit.”

Chungcheongnam-do Governor Kim메이저사이트 Tae-heum, a member of People’s Power, also expressed his opposition, saying, “We must not commit an example of killing a hero twice with outdated ideological disputes.”

Lee Jong-chan, chairman of the Liberation Committee, expressed strong dissatisfaction, saying that President Yoon Seok-yeol made a political declaration at the memorial hall of Udang Lee Hoi-young, an independence activist, and that he could not understand the current situation.

[Lee Jong-chan/Chairman of Gwangbok ( KBS1 Radio, Choi Kyung-young’s strongest current affairs)]
“Now, I don’t know where the medal went, but if I keep looking for (communism) history, what will the Korean government do that has given him the medal?”

In particular, Yonsei University Law School professor Lee Chul-woo, son of Chairman Lee Jong-chan and close friend of President Yoon Seok-yeol, emphasized that this situation is “unjust ideological censorship” and “We must protect General Hong Beom-do.”

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