Hong Joon-pyo’s ‘chicken and beer festival passing’ targeted at Daegu lawmakers?…”Members who lean towards factional politics are being targeted”

Daegu Mayor Hong Joon-pyo posted a post that appeared to criticize Daegu constituency lawmakers, criticizing ‘factional politics’.

Mayor Hong said on his Facebook page on the 1st, “The current situation is dominated by only politicians who line up in factions, watch out for their opinions, hang on to nominations, and when told to do so, recklessly storm into action without thinking about what to expect, and act according to the directions of faction bosses rather than politics based on public sentiment.” “The politics of the ruling and opposition parties in Yeouido is truly regrettable,” he said.

Although the remark was a criticism of factional politics, it is interpreted that it was aimed at the large number of Daegu National Assembly members who did not attend the Chicken and Beer Festival.

At the opening ceremony of the Chicken and Beer Festival held at Duryu Park in Daegu on the 30th of last month, most Daegu National Assembly members, except for 5-term lawmaker Joo Ho-young (Daegu Suseong-gu Gap), did not attend. Even Rep. Kim Yong-pan (Dal Seo-byeong) and People Power Party Daegu City Party Chairman Rep. Yang Geum-hee (Buk-gu Gap) did not attend.

Meanwhile, former CEO Lee Jun-seok attended and met with Mayor Hong. When former CEO Lee said he would attend the Chicken and Beer Festival, Mayor Hong responded, “I gladly asked him to come.”

It has been about 1 year and 4 months since the two attended an official event together in May of last year. In particular, the two people are drawing attention because they are in a similar situation and have received severe punishment from the party. In addition, it is attracting more attention as it is a meeting of two people who receive the most support from young people in their 20s within the People Power Party.

Former Representative Lee met with reporters at the opening ceremony of the Daegu Chicken and Beer Festival that day and said, “I asked Mayor Hong Jun-pyo why I couldn’t see any members of the National Assembly except Assemblyman Joo Ho-young.” Former Representative Lee said, “They say that the People Power Party is responsible for both Daegu’s municipal administration and legislative affairs, but then I think more active participation in events is necessary.” At the same time, he pointed out, “Even if I don’t give them a microphone or invite them to the podium, I think we need to be more willing to communicate with the young people here.”

Mayor Hong responded in a post 메이저사이트posted on his Facebook page that day, saying, “Today is the day the Chicken and Beer Festival is held,” and added, “Former CEO Lee Jun-seok said he would come to the festival, so I gladly asked him to come.”

He continued to criticize the ruling party. Mayor Hong said of former leader Lee, “Still, I wonder if it is right for him to be treated so poorly when he was the leader of our party and was at the forefront of the regime change,” adding, “Politics is truly heartless.”

Within the People Power Party, where the ‘metropolitan area crisis theory’ is spreading, voices are growing that people, including former leader Lee, are needed for next year’s general election. On the 22nd, Rep. Sang-Hyun Yoon was asked whether he should nominate Cheon Ah-Yong-in (Cheon Har-ram, Heo Eun-ah, Kim Yong-tae, and Ki-in Lee), including former representative Lee, and said, “Of course we should.”

Some believe that Mayor Hong posted the article, comparing the large number of Daegu lawmakers’ absence to some members of the National Assembly who were “obsessed with nominations” by paying attention to party leadership Kim Ki-hyun.

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