“My hair was cut off and I was locked up naked”… What happened to the famous female BJ?

It has been confirmed that the story of BJ , a woman who was suspected of ‘self-immolation’ and revealed that she was imprisoned and assaulted by her husband, was true. Her husband is currently being detained on charges of aggravated assault, rape, and causing bodily harm.

This woman confessed that she was forced to broadcast her exposure by her husband, who was responsible for the livelihood of her in-laws and her family.

On the 30th of last month, JTBC ‘s ‘Incidence Team Leader’ highlighted the incident in which female BJ Cheon Ye-seo , who goes by the stage name ‘Bitberry’, was detained and assaulted by her husband, Mr. A.

Recently, suspicions of hacking arose on Mr. Cheon’s social network service ( SNS ) as posts with unknown meanings along with words such as ‘death’ and ‘murder’ were posted one after another.

He later confessed to her crime on the 17th, saying that she had been imprisoned and barely escaped메이저사이트. However, some netizens doubted that it was a self-made drama.

According to the ‘Case Captain’, on the 13th of last month, Ms. Cheon was assaulted and imprisoned after her husband, Mr. A, asked her, “Did you have an affair?” When she confronted him by saying, “Yes, I cheated,” Mr. A strangled Cheon, cut her hair with her scissors, and assaulted her. Afterwards, Ms. Cheon’s cell phone was taken away and she was locked in the bathroom naked until morning.

With the help of the police who were dispatched after a report from an acquaintance, she succeeded in escaping while Mr. A was away from her house. Afterwards, Ms. Cheon stayed in temporary accommodation. In response, Mr. A assaulted Ms. Cheon, who confronted her again about her divorce.

Mr. Cheon confessed, “(Mr. A) strangled me to kill me,” and “I begged for him because he really felt like he was going to die, but he said it was already too late.”

He also said, “(Mr. A) said, ‘You already missed your chance. “I can’t survive here today,” he said, recalling the situation at the time, saying, “Then I tied her hands and feet behind my back.” Afterwards, it was reported that Ms. Cheon ran away from home while her husband was asleep and immediately reported it to the police station. Ms. Cheon, who has been working as a BJ

for about 6 years, started her broadcast three months after giving birth at the persistent urging of her husband. In the process, he was reportedly forced to do unwanted things, such as wearing revealing clothes. Ms. Cheon said, “My husband started dressing me in sexy clothes, saying that breast exposure was the standard for ○○○○ TV,” and “But I was the only one who could make money, and at first I followed without knowing anything. ” He added, “But people say, ‘You’re the baby’s mother, why are you exposing your breasts?’, ‘She’s a prostitute,’ ‘She’s a prostitute.’” He added, “Seeing things like this made my depression worse.” Because of this, she said, her arguments with her husband increased as she claimed she ‘didn’t want to do it.’ It is known that Ms. Cheon was hospitalized for mental illness after her husband’s behavior.

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