“I’ll give you a discount on Genesis and Carnival”… Massive discount launched

The domestic automobile industry is carrying out large-scale promotional activities to overcome sluggish domestic demand. They appear to be trying to boost sales through a variety of strategies, including discounts on older models, early release discounts, financial support, and gift giving.

According to each company on the 1st, Hyundai Motor Company is offering a basic discount of 1 million won on the old Kona Hybrid and old Santa Fe Hybrid this month. It was decided to discount the old Santa Fe by 1.5 million won. If you have purchased or own an eco-friendly car from Hyundai or Genesis, there is also an event offering a 300,000 won discount on Hyundai electric vehicles such as the IONIQ 5 and a 500,000 won discount on Genesis electric vehicles such as the GV60 .

Kia has prepared an early shipping benefit before the Chuseok holiday. If shipped before the 15th of this month, K5 , Carnival, etc. will be discounted by 300,000 won. The car price is also reduced when replacing a diesel compact truck with an electric vehicle. If you replace a Kia vehicle or other company’s diesel compact truck with a Kia Bongo EV , you will receive 500,000 won.

There is also financial support. When purchasing the new Trailblazer, Chevrolet offers special installment benefits for up to 36 months at 5.0% per year or up to 72 months at 5.5% per year. Bolt EUV supports up to 3 million won through the ‘Combo Installment’ program, and 1.5 million won in registration tax if purchased in a lump sum.

KG Mobility prepared a unique gift메이저놀이터. If you purchase the corresponding models at the Chuseok Sale Festa, such as The New Tivoli, Torres, Rexton Sports & Khan, for a lump sum, you will receive LG Standby Me Go , LG Code Zero Objet Collection A9 vacuum cleaner, etc. Renault Korea introduced September sales conditions including discounts of up to 3.4 million won for the existing SM6 TCe 300 and up to 3.1 million won for the QM6 LPG model.

There is interest in whether the auto industry’s promotional strategies can boost domestic sales. While Hyundai Motors and Kia performed well last month despite the negative news of the restoration of individual consumption tax (3.5% → 5%), GM Korea operations, Renault Korea, and KG Mobility were unable to avoid sluggish performance.

According to each company on this day, Hyundai Motor Company sold a total of 347,377 units in August, including 55,555 units domestically and 291,822 units overseas. Domestic sales increased by 12.9% and overseas sales increased by 1.5% compared to the same month last year. Kia sold a total of 255,481 units, an increase of 2.4% domestically and 5.8% overseas.

On the other hand, Renault Korea, which is suffering from a lack of new cars, sold only 1,502 units in Korea last month, a sharp decline of 62.0% compared to the same period last year. KG Mobility also decreased by 43.6% to 3,903 units, and GM’s Korea plant decreased by 8.2% to 3,297 units.

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