“Japan takes the lead in spreading the Korean alphabet… If you want to live a foolish life, use it.”

A Korean YouTuber with 200,000 subscribers is causing controversy by making a statement to the effect that it was Japan that took the lead in popularizing Hangul during the Japanese colonial period.

The video was produced by YouTuber Yong Chan-woo, who runs the YouTube channel ‘Yonghosu’ in October 2021, and was recently talked about again on social networking services ( SNS )

Yong Chan-woo said in the video that it was true that Japan popularized Hangul in Korea in 1920 and that the reason for this was, “They gave us the minimum knowledge to use them as workers and to use them as slaves.”

At the same time, he said, “I can assure you that Chinese characters are the common language of East Asia. The story that ‘Chinese characters are Chinese, and only Hangul is Korean’ sounds like a traitor on the level of the Cultural Revolution. “We must break away from Hunminjeongeum,” he argued.

Yong Chan-woo said that ultimately we should be able to obtain information about the world through English. He said, “Valuable and high-level knowledge cannot be interpreted by a translator. “Advanced vocabulary must be able to be recognized through voice information and images,” he said, adding, “English is the key to making the world’s information your own,” and emphasized that you must learn English.

Yong Chan-woo said about Hangul, “Hangul is a phonetic symbol created by King Sejong, the king of Joseon,” and “Hangul is not our language. “If we describe Hangul as our language, our people will become an uncivilized people who did not even have letters before King Sejong,” he said.

He continued, “When King Sejong created Hangul, he said, ‘It was created for the young people.’ Being young메이저사이트 means being stupid. “It was made for the stupid people,” he said. “If you want to live a stupid life, just use Hangul. “The purpose of its creation was to create a pronunciation symbol exclusively for young people.”


Yong Chan-woo said, “If Hunminjeongeum (Hangul) is installed as software, it becomes very difficult to think meaningfully. It is the same as not being able to edit video on a PC with ‘DOS’ installed. “If you want to produce something valuable in Korean, you need to know the Chinese characters used by our ancestors,” he explained.

He said, “All meaningful research results are translated into English and the base (standard) on which such studies have been developed is the English and American literary sphere.” He added, “To obtain valuable information created by scholars and experts from around the world, you must speak English.” . He once again emphasized the importance of English, saying, “I’m talking about advanced vocabulary, not the hip-hop English spoken in the back alleys.” Meanwhile, AFPBB

, a local Japanese news service, published a Japanese article containing these claims on Yahoo News on the 3rd. Controversy is spreading because the article agrees with Yong Chan-woo’s argument but also disparages the Korean alphabet and ridicules Korea.

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