‘Lots of money’ for taxi fare, sad trip… The reason I laughed when I went to Jeju 

Services using information and communication technology ( ICT ) have become part of our daily lives. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport also started the ‘Smart City Challenge Project’ in 2020 to create a more convenient living environment. The Smart City Challenge is a project that uses information and communication technologies to solve urban problems such as traffic, safety, and the environment. Local governments are providing the smart infrastructure and services necessary for each local government through projects of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Jeju Island, a tourist city, has installed a mobility sharing platform ‘ GreeGO

‘ and a smart hub to facilitate transportation for tourists . This is a service that allows you to travel throughout Jeju by renting a shared bicycle or motorcycle from Smart Hub, the base. Transfers between public transportation and shared mobility are also possible, helping Jeju residents as well as tourists commute. In order to coexist with residents, smart hubs have been installed using neglected gas stations, supermarkets, and cafes, and electric vehicle charging stations are also being prepared to pursue a transition to a low-carbon, shared economy. ☞Money Today’s real estate YouTube channel ‘Buridge’ experienced the smart city of Jeju Island firsthand.

▶Reporter Kim Hyo-
jeong Hello, this is Buridge reporters Kim Hyo-jeong and Jo Seong-jun.
You can tell where we are today just by looking at it, right? This is Jeju Island!

▶Reporter Cho Seong-jun
These days, many people come to Jeju Island regardless of the season, from spring to fall to winter, to experience its different charms.

▶Reporter Kim Hyo-jeong
However, every time I come to Jeju Island, I have trouble moving around, and there are times when I want to come alone. But my license is in the closet, so I have to use public transportation or a taxi. However, each time that happens, it costs more and the time wasted waiting for transportation is a waste.

There is a service provided by Jeju Island for people traveling like reporter Cho Seong-jun. This is PM ( personal mobility ) , a personal transportation method using a smart hub . Jeju Island has about twice the car ownership rate compared to the rest of the country. We built a ‘Smart Hub’ to solve traffic congestion, parking problems, and electric vehicle charging difficulties caused by tourists.

In particular, it not only improves convenience for citizens by utilizing existing spaces such as gas stations, easily accessible marts, and convenience stores that have been neglected because people did not visit them, but also provides a transportation environment centered on new and renewable energy and green mobility by reducing the entire unused energy of Jeju Island. We aim to transition to a low-carbon, sharing economy.

▶ Reporter Kim Hyo-jeong We plan to provide sustainable services through service operation profits based on renewable energy by linking a platform ( e-3DA
) that allows service reservations and payments to local smart hubs . Jeju Island is the region with the highest proportion of electric vehicles in the country. Fast charging is also possible at the smart hub. Also, travelers like me can rent shared mobility here. You can check smart hubs around you and currently available mobility through the Jeju Island mobility sharing platform ‘ GreeGO ’ app. We also provide a route guidance service that allows you to transfer between public transportation and PM to reach your destination. We’re going to go from the airport to a cafe on the beach. One person will travel by car and the other person will travel by shared mobility. ▶ Reporter Jo Seong-jun PM After using the product, I even returned it to Smart Hub like this. Currently, 24 smart hubs are installed throughout Jeju, and 150 ‘Modlock Hubs’, which are simple bases, have also been established. You can also rent and return PM at any time while moving . ▶ Reporter Kim Hyo- jeong: Yes, Reporter Cho. What was it like riding a bicycle yourself? ▶ Reporter Jo Seong-jun

It was hot and I was sweating profusely, but this coastal road was so pretty. This coastal road has been made into a bicycle path in Jeju Island, and riding a bicycle along it was such a great and fun experience that I thought, ‘Ah, I should try riding a bicycle on my next trip to Jeju Island.’

▶ Reporter Kim Hyo-jeong
However, it is actually a bit difficult to travel the entire Jeju Island on this bicycle.

▶ Reporter Cho Seong-jun
Yes, because it is difficult to use the bicycle path, Jeju Island is planning to allow people to cross the entire island using these motorcycles.

‘ GreeGo ‘ has been used about 20,000 times in the past year since its launch in August last year. It helps reduce travel time for not only tourists but also Jeju residents. The usage patterns of provincial residents, concentrated during commuting hours, show that they are using the and as a means of daily transportation.

Smart Hub is also coexisting with the residents of the province. Life-friendly hubs using cafes or hotels are 메이저놀이터provided by land owners, pay a certain rent, and build electric vehicle charging stations. By increasing the number of smart hubs, the province can further promote eco-friendly mobility, and owners can benefit from an influx of customers as well as rental income. Jeju Island also plans to further enhance the e-3DA

platform by building a Smart Plus hub near Jeju Airport within the year . The idea is to plan the start and end of travel to Jeju Island through the Smart Plus Hub. We plan to conduct real-time water play safety monitoring using drones using hydrogen, an eco-friendly energy source. We plan to provide safer and more convenient Jeju Island travel by not only functioning as an energy and mobility hub, but also establishing a safety hub through control service support. With the advancement of technology, our movement is becoming more convenient day by day. However, in order to create a world where everyone is convenient, we must also look at the convenience of the socially disadvantaged who are in the blind spot. Local governments across the country are also considering various support measures to improve transportation convenience for the transportation vulnerable. Barrier-free in Busan

) The transportation city initiative can be a good example. Busan City was selected as a preliminary project target for the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s Smart City Challenge in May 2020 for implementing a barrier-free transportation environment. Through this, an environment is being created in Busan where those with transportation disabilities can use public transportation more conveniently.

Through the ride-sharing platform, more than 4,000 transportation-disadvantaged people in Busan were able to commute conveniently by shuttle vehicle, and more than 3,000 elderly patients were able to visit hospitals more easily. The 3D navigation system installed within Busan Station is of great help not only to those with transportation disabilities but also to those with limited mobility who need directions. ☞For more information, visit Money Today’s real estate YouTube channel ‘Burridge’ and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s YouTube channel ‘on Tong TV’ .

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