‘Umbrella Angel’ It turns out that there were more good deeds… The afterword revealed by the old man

Recently, a woman who gave warmth to an elderly man who was pushing a cart on a rainy road by putting an umbrella over him while getting his body wet was even more moved by the fact that it turned out that he even took out some cash and gave it to him. According to Yonhap News TV

on the 4th, an anonymous woman named A approached an elderly man in his 80s who was pulling a cart loaded with waste on a rainy day on the 29th of last month in Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do. Ms. A, wearing her small pink umbrella, must have felt sorry for the old man who was pushing her cart in the rain, so she shared her own umbrella and walked together for a distance of about 1 km.

Because the umbrella was small, his entire body got wet from the rain, but Mr. A actually leaned towards스포츠토토 the old man and blocked the rain. As the photo containing this appearance became known through the Gyeonggi Ilbo, Mr. A received praise from many netizens along with the nickname ‘Umbrella Angel’.

However, upon confirmation, Mr. A’s good deeds did not stop there. As the photo became a hot topic, on the 1st, Yonhap News TV interviewed an old man for whom a woman had put an umbrella on him through ‘Dadaul Interview’.

According to the video, the old man who helped her at the time was “very grateful” and she remembered Mr. A.

He recalled, “It was raining, so I put down my car and was on my way to eat.” He recalled, “(Mr. A) told me to wait a moment, then went to the supermarket, took out some money, and put 30,000 won in cash in an envelope. I was grateful.”

After making inquiries, the media contacted Ms. A’s family, but Ms. A announced through her family that she would politely decline the request for an interview. She said Ms. A did not even inform her family about her good deeds. However, it is known that Ms. A is a mother with children and is engaged in her education.

Netizens who heard this news responded, “She is such a kind-hearted woman. I hope she only walks on a flowery path,” and “Angels always seem to be among the common people.”

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