“If you apologize, I will keep it a secret forever” Lee Da-young snipes at Kim Yeon-kyung again

Volleyball player Lee Da-young announced a conditional disclosure about Kim Yeon-kyung, a senior from her old team (Heungkuk Life Insurance). Lee Da-young has been making revelations since the 14th of last month, saying that she suffered bullying and workplace violence from Kim Yeon-kyung.

Lee Da-young said on Instagram on the 5th, “If you admit to the repeated sexual harassment on the national team, bullying, workplace violence, and abuse of power at Heungkuk Life Insurance and post an official apology, I will keep the thing you want to hide the most a secret forever.” . She then attached a sweet selfie of herself lying side by side with Kim Yeon-kyung, with her arm pillowed on her.

Lee Da-young did not add any explanation other than a line of text predicting conditional disclosure.

She, Lee Da-young, has been exposing Kim Yeon-kyung through her media interviews and her personal social media since the 14th of last month. On the 18th of the same month, she shared a screenshot of Jaeyoung Lee’s interview article, which has now been deleted, and claimed that she even tried to make an extreme choice because of Kim Yeon-kyung, and on the 19th, she said, “(Kim Yeon-kyung) has been swearing at her for a long time.” I lived with메이저사이트 it in my mouth. “She was an outcast, and even on the national team, she treated me like a bar girl in front of her kids,” she said. She also said on the 23rd, “Sometimes words are sharper than a knife and the wound lasts longer,” and she posted an image capturing the ‘Workplace Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Manual.’

Kim Yeon-kyung’s side did not respond immediately after Lee Da-young’s initial revelations, but on the 16th of last month, she said, “We plan to take strong action against press releases and YouTubers that were maliciously written and distributed.” She did not reveal any particular position regarding Lee Da-young’s newly revealed revealing article.

Meanwhile, rumors of a discord between Lee Da-young and Kim Yeon-kyung have emerged since 2021. Lee Da-young posted on Instagram, without mentioning the target, one after another, “It may be fun for the person being bullied, but the person being bullied wants to die,” “It will explode soon, it will explode soon,” and “Thank you so much for clenching your teeth and holding on until the end.” By raising it. At the time, these posts were interpreted as targeting Kim Yeon-kyung.

However, not long after, the problem of Lee Da-young’s school violence arose again. The repercussions were great, and Dayoung Lee was eventually kicked out of the domestic league and continued her activities overseas.

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