A drunken man falls onto the tracks at Dobongsan Station on Line 1… 5 citizens saved

It was reported that nearby citizens threw themselves to save a man who fell on the tracks while drunk at Dobongsan Station on Line 1

According to the police and fire authorities on the 6th, a report was received at around 8:25 pm on the 3rd that “a passenger stumbled and fell on the tracks at Dobongsan Station on Seoul Subway Line 1.”

At the time, Mr. A, a man in his 60s, fell down the train tracks while staggering on the Incheon-bound platform of the station. The track in question was not a place where regular trains enter, so no screen doors were installed.

Two nearby male passengers who saw Mr. A fall jumped onto the track, helped Mr. A up, and pushed him up onto the platform. On the platform, one other man and two women helped the man by pulling him up.

When the station staff, who 메이저사이트confirmed the situation through CCTV , and the police and firefighters who responded to the report arrived at the scene, Mr. A had already been rescued with their help.

Mr. A, who suffered bruises on his head and entire body, received first aid at the scene for 25 minutes and was then taken to the hospital, and it was reported that there was no particular problem with his health.

It is reported that the five citizens who rescued Mr. A left the scene immediately after confirming that Mr. A was safe. A police official said, “The two men who went down to the tracks disappeared without leaving any contact information, making it difficult to identify them.”

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