“Marines who catch ghosts, catch my son”… After the Chae Sang-byeong incident, the support rate was the lowest since its creation.

“I was worried that instead of being a Marine Corps that catches ghosts, I might become a Marine Corps that catches my son.”

Go (52, female), a housewife living in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, said on the 7th, “I am trying to dissuade my 20-year-old son from joining the Marine Corps.” “I am persuading him to apply to another special forces unit with more intensive training if he is going to join the Marine Corps.” . He also added, “I heard that special forces give equipment and follow minimum safety rules.”

Following the incident of Corporal Chae, who died after being swept away by a torrent of water while searching for a missing person during heavy rain on July 19, the Marine Corps support rate was found to have hit an all-time low. It is analyzed that the influence of the atmosphere of concern about safety accidents has spread.

According to the Military Manpower Administration’s Military Civil Service Portal on the 7th, the application rate for Marine Corps recruitment received from July 27 to the 3rd of last month was 0.2 to 1. Of the 829 seats available, only 202 applied. They will enlist in November this year.

In the regular recruitment held 12 times throughout the year, the Marine Corps application rate was 0.7 to 1 in March this year and 0.4 to 1 in June this year. However, after the Corporal Chae incident occurred in July of this year, the already low competition rate was cut in half. Last year, the competition rate in both June and July was 0.3 to 1.

Kim Ji-wan (21), a college student whose family has been in the Marine Corps for generations, said메이저놀이터, “I was proud that both my grandfather and father were Marines, so of course I only thought about applying to the Marine Corps.” He added, “After watching the death of Corporal Chae, I saw the Marine Corps’ culture of a backward culture where even the basics are not followed. “I was disappointed and applied to the army,” he said. Park Sang-woo (20), a college student living in Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, also said, “The Marine Corps was originally not popular among friends who were thinking about enlisting,” but added, “After the Corporal Chae incident, it became difficult to talk about the Marine Corps at all.”

The Military Manpower Administration’s position is that it is difficult to directly connect the death of Corporal Chae with the decline in the Marine Corps support rate. An official from the Military Manpower Administration explained, “The number of personnel lacking in regular recruitment is being filled through additional recruitment, so there is no disruption to the Marine Corps’ troops. Normally, they prefer to enlist in the first half of the year, so the application rate for enlistment in the second half of the year is originally relatively low.”

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