“I’m Paul, a cyber expert”… North Korean hackers target security experts on social media

 It has been revealed that North Korean hackers impersonate cyber experts on social networking services ( SNS ) to build friendships with security experts and then attempt hacking. According to the U.S. Radio Free Asia ( RFA

) on the 9th, the Google Threat Analysis Group ( TAG ) recently announced in a report posted on its website that accounts impersonating North Korean hacking organizations targeting cybersecurity researchers are being discovered on social media . “North Korean threat actors have used social media such as “The conversation continued메이저놀이터 for several months,” he explained. “After the initial contact through reported. The codes used in this zero-day (hacking using security vulnerabilities) attack are said to be consistent with the codes used by North Korean hacking organizations. In its report on this day, TAG also disclosed the X account of a person believed to be a North Korean hacker.

The hacker introduced himself as a security researcher and developer in an account named ‘Paul’, and also promoted that he had carried out a related programming project in December of last year.

Currently, the account and all related posts have been deleted. RFA analyzed that

North Korean hackers are also skilled in handling security systems, so it seems likely that it would have been easy for them to build rapport with security experts in cyberspace in this way . 

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