A cure without side effects has been found for a middle-aged man’s indescribable pain.

More than half of middle-aged men have an enlarged prostate and suffer from the inconvenience of having to go to the bathroom frequently.

A domestic research team has found a natural herb that is effective in improving benign prostatic hyperplasia without side effects.

Reporter Jindu Kim reports.

More than half of men in their 50s or older and entering middle age suffer from enlarged prostate메이저사이트.

As the prostate grows, it puts pressure on the urethra, causing the need to urinate frequently.

A feeling of residual urine remains even when urinating, and it especially interferes with sound sleep, reducing the quality of life.

[Kim Yong-seop / Experienced benign prostatic hyperplasia: More than anything, I woke up three or four times at night because I wanted to go to the bathroom, so I didn’t feel like I had slept and was very tired the next day.] There are treatments, but they often come with the side effect of reduced sexual function

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A domestic research team tested the effects of new natural medicines on prostate hypertrophy.

This oil is extracted from only 0.05g of red ginseng root.

Researchers administered two 500 mg capsules of red ginseng oil daily for 12 weeks to 88 men over 40 years of age with symptoms of enlarged prostate.

As a result, the index used internationally to determine the degree of prostate symptoms decreased by 50.5%, or about half.

In detail, urinary urgency, which is a feeling of difficulty holding in urine, improved by 69.2%, urinary frequency, which requires frequent urination, improved by 65%, and urinary delay, which causes urine to come out easily, improved by 61.5%.

The researchers explain that the ingredient ‘betasitosterol’ contained in red ginseng oil acts on the prostate and reduces its size.

In particular, it was confirmed that there were no side effects from existing treatments.

[Kim Se-woong / Professor, Department of Urology, Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital: It was confirmed that no adverse reactions occurred in the patients who participated in the experiment, confirming that red ginseng oil can safely and effectively improve benign prostatic hyperplasia… .] The results of this study were published in ‘The World Journal of Men’s Health’

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