My son said, “My mom’s wallet smells like X”… Louis Vuitton bags and wallets receive complaints about ‘bad smell’ one after another

“I took out my Louis Vuitton bag after a long time and it smelled like shit, so I thought I had stored it incorrectly. The dust bag was also stained with the smell. “Which store can I go to to exchange it easily?” (Naver Cafe user)

As complaints about bad odors continue to occur in some Louis Vuitton bag products, the head office has taken measures such as exchanges, but even this is increasing consumer confusion due to the lack of clear standards.

According to industry sources on the 11th, there has been a series of reports on a Naver cafe that shares luxury brand information from 2022 until recently, saying that some of Louis Vuitton’s bag products have a bad smell. Complaints about odor continued for several product lines, including ‘Pochette Metis’ and ‘Alma BB’ , and the periods of product purchase varied, including from 2017 to 2019.

A cafe user who purchased Pochette Metis in March 2018 said on the 11th, “I am going to exchange it due to the bad smell. “The smell is bad in high temperatures and humidity, but it’s okay indoors with the air conditioner turned on,” he said. The comment said, “I bought it in February 2018, but I couldn’t use it even 5 times because of the bad smell. “The store I bought it from has disappeared, so I guess I’ll have to go to another store.”

There were also cases of odor from wallet products. One user said, “The Rosalind Coin Perth I purchased in December 2018 has been emitting a smell since last year,” and “My son even said that his mother’s wallet smells like X.” “I can’t use it anymore because it stinks,” he said.

Community users shared the information that ▷products of the manufacturing year subject to exchange ▷if the purchase is confirmed, an employee will check for bad odor and exchange the product. We are also sharing information on some stores where the exchange process is easy.

There are also cases where exchanges are not possible due to ‘consumer error’ or ‘the smell is not too bad’
However, there are no clear standards for exchangeability, which is increasing consumer dissatisfaction. When a consumer raises a problem, exchange is decided based on internal deliberation. However, there are cases where exchange requests are rejected, blaming consumer carelessness such as ‘storage problems’ even if there is a bad smell.

A consumer who purchased On the Go in 2019 said, “There were times when people around me noticed an embarrassing smell coming from the bag. “I didn’t know the reason until now, but I submitted a review request,” he said. “As a result of the review, they said, ‘The smell is not too bad, so an exchange cannot be processed.’ Since it is a subjective standard, there is nothing to say. “I’m wondering if I should reconsider,” he said. A person who purchased Alma BB in 2018 said, “The odor was so bad that I reconsidered it two months ago, but they blamed it on the consumer, saying it was a ‘storage problem.’ I reconsidered, but the result was the same . ”

Another consumer said, “If you put the mask in a bag and use it again, the bad smell was so bad that you couldn’t use it, but the review was rejected.” He added, “I don’t put it in a dust bag and it is well ventilated, so how can I store it any longer?” He said, “There is no clear standard on how to distinguish between what is eligible for exchange and what is not. The only explanation is, ‘This product does not have a strong odor,’ but I do not understand that the level of smell varies from person to person.”

The amount of compensation also varies. One consumer said, “I received an exchange, but even though it was the same product, the compensation amount information for each seller was different: 2.5 million won for some and 2 million won for others,” and “This response without any guidelines is absurd.” Because of this situation, if a review is made and it is rejected due to ‘consumer error’, there is advice that a re-deliberation must be made until the exchange request is accepted, or there are opinions suggesting that collective action be taken.

Poor response after identifying the cause of ‘material problem, not a specific product’
According to Louis Vuitton’s internal data obtained by some media, the cause of the bad smell is ‘a phenomenon that occurs when a specific substance applied to improve the quality of the canvas material reacts when exposed to a high temperature and high humidity environment, and is not a problem with a specific product, but rather occurs during the soft canvas production stage. It was determined that it had occurred. It is also said to be confirmed in some products produced from January 2017 to March 2021. In other words, it can be interpreted that it is not a problem with a specific product, but rather that there is a possibility of a bad smell if the product uses the material in question. This is why some point out that Louis Vuitton needs to take a more proactive response. Louis Vuitton said, “We are looking into the details.”

Mr. A, a former employee of Louis Vuitton, said in a phone call with, “Louis Vuitton has often had 메이저사이트issues with product defects in the past,” adding, “In the past, there were cases where the glaze melted and ended up on customers’ clothes or belongings, called a ‘melting’ phenomenon.” “There were still issues with product quality and the level of response to problems did not seem to have improved.”

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