“Carp worth 100 million won disappeared”… The culprit turned out to be an otter.

An incident occurred in which 50 ornamental koi fish raised at a hotel in England suddenly disappeared. The amount of damage amounts to 100,000 pounds (about 166.56 million won). The culprit caught on the closed circuit ( CC ) TV installed by the hotel was an ‘otter’. According to foreign media such as the Daily Mail and BBC

on the 11th (Korean time), about 50 ornamental carp메이저사이트 disappeared from the Grosvenor Fulford Hotel near Chester, England. The damage amounted to a whopping 100,000 pounds. The hotel installed CCTV after discovering that koi fish worth 2,000 pounds (approximately 3.33 million won) each were disappearing, and it was discovered that the culprit was an otter. The otter easily avoided the electric fence installed near the pond and entered the pond. Afterwards, he wandered around the pond, caught a carp, and disappeared. Hotel director Andrew Nelson said: “It is surprising to say the least that otters are the main culprit for the loss of carp. We had installed a fence to protect the small fish from herons, so we did not expect larger animals to have access to the pond. “He said. “With £100,000 worth of koi gone, we are trying to find a solution to prevent further loss.” “It is a significant investment,” he explained.

The hotel said that the otter had not yet been caught, but did not mention what to do with it after it was caught.

Meanwhile, otters are nocturnal and move quickly, making it difficult to see them with the naked eye. Its shape is similar to that of a weasel, but it is much larger and is suited to living underwater.

Their food is mainly fish, and they eat catfish, snakehead, and loaches that have fewer or fewer scales. Frogs and crabs are also good to eat.

It is known that small fish are dragged underwater and large fish are dragged out to the shore to eat.

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