Japan, which said, “We will be able to go to Takeshima,” pours in 2.7 billion won

Japan has set aside next year’s budget of approximately 300 million yen (approximately 2.7 billion won) to strengthen publicity regarding its sovereignty over Dokdo Island. ‘Korean public relations expert’ Professor Seo Gyeong-deok of Sungshin Women’s University said, “It is very important to ‘reversely utilize’ Japan’s strategy.”

According to a report in the Yomiuri Shimbun on the 10th, the Japanese government plans to use these expenses to strengthen external promotional activities, such as holding seminars for foreigners and repairing the territory and sovereignty exhibition hall in Tokyo.

They also plan to regularly send emails to prominent international law professors to inform them of their claim that Dokdo and other islands are their territory.

Regarding this, Professor Seo criticized it on SNS on the 11th , saying, “It is Japan’s typical trick strategy to create international public opinion regarding Dokdo.”

He added, “It is very important for us to ‘reversely exploit’ Japan’s strategy,” adding, “For example, we must logically correct errors in emails sent to prominent overseas experts and reveal that they are only the Japanese government’s unreasonable claims.”

He also emphasized, “We must also strengthen our all-round global promotion of Dokdo.”

Professor Seo said, “In particular, we must increase communication with people around the world in terms of cultural tourism by naturally incorporating K content that people around the world are paying attention to.”

At the same time, he said, “The most basic foundation of a country is territory. “It is time for our people to wake up more in order to protect Dokdo, a symbol of the Republic of Korea’s territory,” he said.

Previously, it was known that Japan’s National Exhibition Center was using a video for promotion, calling Dokdo, which is Korea’s inherent territory, ‘Takeshima (竹島, the name of Dokdo claimed by Japan)’ and making the unreasonable claim that “future generations can go there.” .

In a video posted on the Japanese Territory and Sovereignty Exhibition Hall YouTube account two years ago, the child tells his father, “There are places you can’t go even though it’s Japan, such as the Northern Territory or Takeshima.”

Accordingly, after visiting the Territory and Sovereignty Exhibition Hall, the child’s mother emphasized to her son, “Nowadays, we cannot go to the land that the Japanese have cultivated and lived on,” and “We will definitely be able to go in your era.” Her father agrees: “I can definitely go.”

The Territory and Sovereignty Exhibition Hall displays not only old documents and notices claiming that Dokdo is Japanese territory, but also materials on the claim that the Senkaku Islands카지노사이트 (Chinese name: Diaoyu Islands), which are in dispute with China, are Japanese territory.

This year, Japan’s movement to ‘erase past history’ and move to the right has become more intense.

In a diplomatic blueprint released on April 11, the Japanese government claimed that “Takeshima is Japan’s unique territory, which is clear in terms of historical facts and international law,” and that “Korea is continuing to illegally occupy it.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea issued a spokesperson’s comment, saying, “We strongly protest against the Japanese government’s repeated unfair sovereignty claims over Dokdo, which is our unique territory historically, geographically, and under international law, through diplomatic blueprints, and urge its immediate withdrawal.” “He responded.

However, the Japanese government stated that it could not accept Korea’s protest.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno, a Japanese government spokesperson, said, “There was a protest from Korea regarding the Takeshima issue in relation to Korea-related technology in the Foreign Affairs Office,” adding, “We countered to the effect that it was unacceptable.”

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