People Power Party lawmakers say, “I’m going crazy” over Yoo In-chon’s likely Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, “Is this true?”

“ha… Going crazy. “What should I do?”

“Is this a true story? “I won’t believe it until it’s (officially) announced.”

“I wonder if we are going to fight with the people.”

This is the reaction of ruling party lawmakers on the 12th in a situation where President Yoon Seok-yeol is likely to nominate Presidential Special Advisor for Culture and Sports Yoo In-chon (72) as the next Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Special Advisor Yu already served as Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism from 2008 to 2011 during the Lee Myung-bak ( MB ) administration. If Special Advisor Yoo is appointed as minister, he will become the second former MB government minister and Yoon Seok-yeol to become a minister in the MB government, following Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education Lee Joo-ho. In addition, along with Lee Dong-kwan, former special advisor to President Lee Dong-kwan, who was appointed as chairman of the Korea Communications Commission last month, the two former members of the MB government and special advisor to President Yoon will control the press and media policies of the Yoon Seok-yeol government.

In the People Power Party, there is great dissatisfaction with the MB government’s rise to power in the Yoon Seok-yeol government and the reappointment of someone who has already served as a minister. Rather than instilling an image of reform in the public through a cabinet reshuffle, it brings to mind negative images of the past. In October 2008, when he was the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Special Advisor Yoo pointed his finger at reporters during the National Assembly audit and said, “Don’t take pictures!” XX. This incident is widely known as “Don’t take pictures!” At the beginning of his tenure as minister, he caused controversy for pressuring heads of subordinate organizations appointed by the Roh Moo-hyun government to resign. When he served as Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the so-called ‘culture and arts blacklist’ incident took place, in which the National Intelligence Service suppressed cultural and artistic figures who were critical of the government.

A re-elected member of the People Power Party said in a phone call, “I don’t know why they are reviving the greeting like메이저사이트 this . “(Because it is the ruling party), we have to shield (defend) it, but we can’t even talk about it,” he said. A first-term People Power Party lawmaker said, “I don’t know what great meaning it has to reuse someone who has been used repeatedly. “This is not real,” he said. “If there are too few people (to appoint minister), it would be better if (current Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Park Bo-kyun) continues.” Our Republican Party leader Cho Won-jin, a member of the ruling party, said on YTN radio the previous day, “ This is BTS ’s Republic of Korea, and I wonder if an old minister is right for such a dynamic Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. ” He added, “All MB people are holding out for appointments. “They are blocking other people from coming up, so the scope of personnel is too narrow,” he pointed out.

There are also voices expressing concern about the negative impact it will have on next year’s general elections. A first-term People Power Party lawmaker said, “It seems like the president has no thoughts about next year’s general election. “Who would think that those people are ministers?” he said. Another first-elected member of the People Power Party said, “The unfortunate thing is that the public does not really consider the common image (of Special Advisor Yoo) that they have,” and added, “In this general election, the president will make sure to identify his allies rather than being conscious of the moderates and floating groups.” The intention is to take care of it. He said, “I didn’t even think that through the cabinet reshuffle, he would reform something or change the atmosphere.” One ruling party official said, “This government doesn’t pay too much attention to public opinion. “I don’t know if they really plan to fill it all as someone from the MB government,” he said, mocking himself.

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