Floods sweep through Libyan cities… “The death toll could reach 20,000.”

A massive flood occurred in Libya, North Africa, causing enormous casualties.

There is also talk that the death toll alone will reach 20,000.

The storm’s destructive power has become stronger due to climate change, and the damage has increased due to political chaos.

This is reporter Han Mi-hee.


When the water that filled the city receded, broken cars littered the streets covered in mud and debris, and destroyed buildings revealed a miserable sight.

Storm Daniel swept through the Mediterranean, dumping massive amounts of rain, causing two dams to collapse and flooding about a quarter of the city.

Thousands of people are believed to have died and at least 10,000 are missing, and the damage has not even been properly calculated in a situation where public services have collapsed due to the division caused by civil war.

As bodies are discovered endlessly in various places, the hospital has no place to store them, so the corpses are scattered not only in the hallways but also on the streets. Those who survived토토사이트 are wandering around looking for their lost family members, while the miserable situation continues as they have to bury bodies wrapped in blankets in piles.

While Libyan officials gave different estimates, the mayor of Derna said the death toll could range from 18,000 to 20,000.

Storm Daniel became more destructive as sea surface temperatures rose, but no government was prepared to prepare for a natural disaster.

It is known that the collapsed dams were not managed for over 20 years during the civil war, and there were no evacuation announcements regarding the risk of collapse.

The United Nations has called for collective action in Libya, which is torn apart by anarchy.

<Volker Türk / UN High Commissioner for Human Rights> “We urge all political actors in Libya to act jointly to overcome deadlock and division and ensure access to aid.”

In Morocco, where the strongest earthquake occurred in 120 years since observation, the possibility of finding additional survivors is slim, so all efforts are being made to rescue survivors and repair damage.

The number of deaths due to this earthquake is close to 3,000, and the number of victims is hundreds of thousands.

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