“It’s okay if it doesn’t sell” vs. “Wait and see”… Sales are piling up, but transactions are slow.

As housing prices are rapidly recovering, especially in the metropolitan area, transactions are actually slowing down.

A battle of wits is taking place between homeowners who expect house prices to recover further in the second half of this year and buyers who have already taken a wait-and-see approach as prices have already risen sharply.

This is reporter Hae-ri Yoon’s report.

This is a representative apartment complex in Songpa-gu, Seoul.

An apartment with an exclusive area of ​​​​84㎡ fell to 1.9 billion won early this year, but was recently sold for 2.3 billion won.

Although it was close to 90% of the highest price two years ago, transaction inquiries stopped.

[Registered Real Estate Agent: If the price rises too much, there is a feeling of burden about the increase. Because of that pressure, (transaction prices) are a little hesitant.]

The number of apartments for sale in Songpa-gu, Seoul, where large complexes are concentrated, has increased by 50% compared to the beginning of this year.

During the same period, when expanding the scope to the entire Seoul, the number of items sold increased by more than 40%, exceeding 70,000 for the first time since related statistics were compiled.

As housing prices have recovered rapidly, especially in the metropolitan area, the number of people willing to sell has increased, but transaction volume is not keeping up with this.

In fact, apartment sales transactions in Seoul bottomed out early this year and recovered to around 3,800 last June, but have recently been decreasing again.

Housing prices, which had been rising for a while온라인바카라, also appear to be slowing down.

In the first week of September, apartment prices in Seoul rose 0.11% compared to the previous week, but the increase was only 0.2%p.

[Go Jong-wan / President of Korea Asset Management Research Institute: Sellers are trying to sell houses at high prices, while buyers are trying to buy them at low prices, so the so-called asking price gap is widening, transactions are not going well and prices are slowing down, which is causing a contraction phenomenon.] Experts say that properties for quick sale are slowing down. As the asking price rose sharply after it was sold out and buyers took a wait-and-see approach, the analysis showed that the rise in house prices may be limited for the time being.

This is YTN’s Yoon Hae-ri.

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