“Stop asking those questions!!” Klopp explodes when asked again about Salah going to Saudi Arabia

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp expressed strong irritation when asked about Saudi Arabia and Mohamed Salah. 

Liverpool faced a period of change ahead of this season when their key midfielder was replaced. Fabinho and Jordan Henderson, who were the core of the midfield, left for Saudi Arabia, and the midfield was reorganized by recruiting Alexis McAlister, Dominique Szoboslaui, Endo Wataru, and Ryan Hrabenberg. 

As much as the midfield reorganization, the area that received the most attention at the end of the transfer market was whether Salah would be transferred. Salah has received huge interest from Al Ittihad in the Saudi league, raising the possibility of leaving Liverpool in this transfer window. 

British media said, “Al Ittihad offered Liverpool 215 million pounds (approximately 355 billion won) to sign Salah,” and said, “Al Ittihad will be a FIFA club in December.” “We are accelerating the recruitment of Salah as we are determined to build the club into the best possible squad ahead of hosting the World Cup.”

Qatari media outlet Bein Sports also said, “Salah has agreed to a move to Al Ittihad,” and explained that Salah has already agreed to go to Saudi Arabia and that the only remaining process is to persuade Liverpool.

However, Salah’s transfer was not completed until the transfer market closed. This is because Liverpool stubbornly refused to sell Salah. 

Regarding Salah’s transfer rumors, Manager Klopp said at a press conference at the time, “The attitude is the same. There is no doubt about it, we will not sell Salah,” and added, “So there is nothing more to say.” When asked whether an offer actually came from Saudi Arabia, he explained, “As far as I know, there hasn’t been an offer, but to be honest, that doesn’t mean that much.”

Meanwhile, when news broke that Al Ittihad was targeting Salah once again in this winter transfer market, manager Klopp, who was asked about Salah’s transfer, showed strong irritation this time. 

Coach Klopp delivered the details of the pre-press conference held on the 15th ahead of the Wolverhampton match to be held on the 16th. When asked at the press conference about the possibility of Salah’s transfer in January, Klopp expressed strong disapproval, saying, “Are you kidding? Can’t we wait until December to ask this question?” 

The reason why Klopp is showing such strong irritation is that despite his firm intention to keep Salah this season메이저사이트, Al Ittihad has continued to shake up the club, and he is under stress as he continues to be asked questions about Salah’s transfer through the media. It is presumed that this is because it was received. 

Meanwhile, unlike Salah, Coach Klopp defended his recent remarks regarding Henderson, who left the team, and showed that he cares for his student. 

After his transfer to AL IT Park, Henderson conducted an interview with the global sports media outlet The Athletic. In the interview, he asked about his reasons for leaving Liverpool, saying, “If even one person from Liverpool had said to me, ‘We want you to stay,’ we would have had this conversation right now. “There would have been no need to share,” he said, adding that he had no choice but to leave because Liverpool showed no intention of staying. 

Klopp responded to Henderson’s comments by saying: “He told the truth. I told him I wanted him to stay, but we talked about not playing regularly. I said to him, ‘If you stay, you can play as a starter.’ “He would have stayed,” he said, noting that the transfer could not be stopped because he was out of the center of the team’s plans. 

While Manager Klopp has expressed strong disapproval due to the Saudi League’s continued interest in Salah, Manager Klopp’s irritation is expected to worsen if questions about the Saudi League and Salah continue until this winter transfer window.

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