Former UFC champ McGregor praises, “Grasso-Shevchenko is the best fight, fair draw.”

 “Grasso-Shevchenko, both fought well!”

Former UFC champion Conor McGregor (35, Ireland) applauded the famous match between Alexa Grasso (30, Mexico) and Valentina Shevchenko (35, Kyrgyzstan). Both players played their best game and expressed their opinion that the draw result was fair.

On the 18th (Korean time), McGregor left a post on social media (SNS) about the Grasso-Shevchenko UFC match that took place on the 17th. He praised Grasso and Shevchenko, who had a great match, saying, “They are overwhelmingly great players.” He continued, “I think both fighters fought really well. It was an unbelievable match,” and added, “I think it was a fair draw.”

Grasso and Shevchenko clashed fists in the UFC Octagon on the 17th. He appeared as the protagonist in the main event of ‘Noce UFC – Grasso vs Shevchenko 2’ held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. A title match was 메이저사이트held for the UFC women’s flyweight championship belt. After a tight battle throughout five rounds, the match resulted in a 1-1 (48-47, 47-47, 47-48) draw.

Controversy over the decision arose. ‘Noche UFC’ is a special event prepared to celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day (September 16, local time). There were suspicions that Grasso, the only Mexican champion, might have been given a more favorable score. After the match, Grasso and Shevchenko expressed their disappointment by shouting “I am the winner” to each other. McGregor, a ‘living legend’ who became the UFC featherweight and lightweight champion, has begun to address the controversy over the decision.

With the draw that day, Grasso retained the UFC women’s flyweight championship belt. She was also ranked No. 1 in the pound-for-pound (P4P) rankings, which compares all fighters in the same weight class. Shevchenko maintained first place in the class rankings and was ranked third in the P4P rankings.

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