Lee Seon-hee’s explanation: “Reported for alleged breach of trust? Only a small part of it.”

While singer Lee Sun-hee was handed over to the prosecution on charges of breach of trust, Lee Sun-hee’s side began to provide an explanation.

On the 19th, Lee Seon-hee’s legal representative, Lee Square Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as the legal representative), said in an official statement, “Mr. Lee Seon-hee faithfully participated in the investigation and actively explained the related suspicions, and the police found that most of the allegations raised against Ms. Lee were not true. “It was confirmed,” he said.

In addition, he said, “Only a small part of the part has been transferred to the prosecution this time, and additional investigation will be conducted by the prosecution in this regard,” and “It is difficult to tell in detail as the investigation is ongoing, but we expect that the transferred part will be fully explained and misunderstandings will be resolved.” “He announced메이저사이트.

Lastly, the legal representative emphasized, “In addition, we plan to take all possible legal measures, including criminal charges and civil claims for damages, against indiscriminate reports and comments.”

On the 19th, the Serious Crime Investigation Department of the National Police Agency charged Lee Seon-hee with breach of trust under the Criminal Act and transferred her to the Southern District Prosecutors’ Office in Seoul.

Sunhee Lee is accused of personally misappropriating the card of her One Entertainment corporation, which she founded in 2013. It is reported that the police believe that not only Lee Sun-hee but also her Lee Sun-hee family members used the same corporate card for non-business purposes.

The police also sent Kwon Jin-young, CEO of Hook Entertainment, where Lee Sun-hee served as a director, on charges of embezzlement. Representative Kwon is suspected of illegally using 4 billion won of her agency’s funds from 2012 to October last year.

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