The impact of the scene captured in the entertainment… Endangered species found in Ulleungdo raw fish restaurant

However, it turns out that this conch is a trumpet conch, an endangered species.

Yesterday, the office of Representative Lee Eun-joo, a member of the National Assembly Environment and Labor Committee, and a civic group visited Ulleungdo Squid Raw Fish Town together.

And it is said that they confirmed on site that trumpet conch, an endangered species, is being sold카지노사이트.

In the process of catching edible conchs with traps, they were caught together or mixed with other conchs that looked similar and sold as raw fish.

It is said that collecting or distributing Class 1 endangered species such as trumpet whelks can be punished according to relevant laws if collected or distributed without permission, and if killed, you can be punished by up to 5 years in prison and a fine of up to 50 million won.

Meanwhile, suspicions that trumpet conchs are being distributed illegally in Ulleungdo arose recently when a related scene was shown as a trailer in a popular entertainment program.

Netizens criticized, saying, “Illegal distribution will likely decrease if a reporting reward system is introduced,” and “It’s so bad that scenes of it being sold indiscriminately are shown on TV.”

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