I entrusted it to a planner I know, and the monthly insurance premium is 2.8 million won. What should I do?

At 6 am on the 20th, the first episode of the insurance counseling program ‘Insurance Remodeling’, which was released through ‘Chosun Ilbo Money’ and Chosun.com, was released. This is content in which Lee Hee-gang, CEO of Home Inshu, well-known as ‘Insurance King Super Express’ on social media, and Chosun Ilbo reporter Yoo So-yeon check the insurance status of readers.

The first episode featured a story 메이저사이트about a family of four who pay 2.8 million won per month in insurance premiums alone. Mr. A, a housewife in her 50s who sent the story, said that two years ago, her husband signed up for insurance for his two sons, aged 22 and 23, through an insurance agent he knows. Recently, loan interest rates have risen and there are many things to spend money on, so when I organized my household account book, I found that my family of four had signed up for 16 insurance policies.

Mr. A said, “I had signed up for whole life insurance, pension insurance, and even golf insurance.” He added, “Above all, it turns out that the insurance my two sons signed up for two years ago only requires payment of premiums until the age of 100 to be covered until the age of 100.” “I was shocked when I heard the word insurance,” he said.

CEO Hee-gang Lee checked which insurance policies needed to be boldly liquidated even if the premiums paid so far were not worth it. More detailed information, such as the appropriate amount of monthly insurance premium suggested by CEO Lee on this day and the reason why you should keep an appropriate distance from insurance agents, can be found in videos on ‘Chosun Ilbo Money’ and Chosun.com.

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