Even though two vicious dogs are biting due to neglect… Dog owner left alone 

The issue keyword is time.

Let’s look at the first keyword.

‘Ferocious dog’.

Recently, a report was received regarding suspicion of ‘animal abuse’ after the owner neglected two vicious dogs attacking another dog, and the police began an investigation.

This is an officetel in Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do.

On the veranda, two black메이저사이트 dogs are biting a brown dog on either side.

A dog being attacked is dragged around without any resistance.

The black dog is a Rottweiler, which is classified as a fierce dog, and the brown dog is a Shepherd.

As reports poured in from citizens who witnessed this, the police launched an investigation into the dog owner.

It turns out that there was a report last month that “two dogs were bullying another dog.”

The owner of these three dogs reportedly stated, “There was no intention to abuse them at all,” and “the shepherd was recently adopted in Gangwon-do.”

The police plan to conduct further investigation and consider whether charges of violation of the Animal Protection Act can be filed.

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