Missing US stealth plane flew 100 km alone… Escape pilot also said, “I don’t know where he is.”

Is it because the stealth function was so excellent? The F-35 , a US advanced stealth fighter worth $100 million (about 133.6 billion won), crashed in South Carolina after flying about 100 km without a pilot, and its wreckage was discovered only a day after it went missing. It is said that even the pilot, who was forced to make an emergency evacuation due to a fighter jet malfunction, could not hide his absurdity, saying, “I don’t know where the plane is.” According to the Associated

Press on the 20th (local time), a U.S. Marine Corps official who requested anonymity said that the pilot was forced to make an emergency evacuation when the fighter malfunctioned while flying an F-35B fighter jet on the 17th. It is not known why the pilot was forced to eject. The pilot’s parachute landed in the backyard of a house. It is said that right after the accident, even the pilot was shocked as he did not know what happened to the fighter plane he was flying. This information was also revealed in the recording of a 911 call made by a resident of the house where the pilot landed. The resident who discovered the pilot called 911 and requested an ambulance, explaining, “A pilot parachuted down in the backyard of my house.” The pilot, who identified himself as 47 years old, said he felt like he had fallen from 600 meters and was fine, with only back pain. The pilot said, “I am a military aircraft pilot and I escaped. I don’t know where the plane is. He is said to have said, “It must have crashed somewhere.” He is a veteran pilot with decades of experience, and has reportedly been discharged from the hospital with no serious injuries.

After the pilot’s emergency ejection, the fighter reportedly flew alone for 100 kilometers (60 miles) before crashing in a field near Indiantown, South Carolina. This fighter jet has flight control software that assists the pilot in emergency situations, and the explanation is that it did not crash straight away due to a type of ‘autopilot function’ created to prevent accidents in situations where the pilot temporarily loses consciousness due to excessive acceleration of gravity.

It took more than a day to find the remains of the fighter jet. At that time, a Marine Corps team스포츠토토 was dispatched to secure the wreckage, and a team conducting an aircraft accident investigation was also dispatched to the scene. On the 18th, the day after the accident, a helicopter discovered wreckage in a field near Indiantown, South Carolina.

It appears that a function designed to protect the pilot’s location and the fighter jet’s confidential system actually became an obstacle to identifying the location of the accident fighter jet. “Aircraft are usually tracked through radar or transponder codes,” the Marine Corps said. “The fighter is designed to delete all confidential communications as soon as the pilot ejects.”

Aircraft can usually find their location by tracking their transponders. However, it is said that the transponder of the accident fighter jet failed to communicate properly for unconfirmed reasons. Although the accident fighter continued to emit enemy identification signals, it is possible that the air traffic control system may have had difficulty capturing the signals depending on the strength of the radar and the weather. “Due to the stealth capabilities of the F-35, tracking had to be accomplished through non-traditional means,” the U.S. Air Force said in a statement .

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